Gastronomic Ideas and Experiences of Hindus - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This article “Gastronomic Ideas and Experiences of Hindus” talks about food products that are found in the Hindus community. It starts as an approach of the end of the age when the Hindu gods after several years of starvation, there was still no rain to assist people in cultivating what they eat…
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Gastronomic Ideas and Experiences of Hindus
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Extract of sample "Gastronomic Ideas and Experiences of Hindus"

The author is a graduate and an experienced individual with a number of studies in various aspects of gastronomy. The book is thus, essential for this study as it has exhaustive information with room for further research. The book is also a legalized and is accessible online as well as in all public libraries.

Levi, Joseph. (2009). Macau’s Foodscape: Identity Marker within Two Worlds. China: University of Hong Kong. P. 45-72.
In this article, the author Levi Joseph has gone deep into the Chinese culture to understand their values and life aspects. He, however, found that every part in China naturally developed a unique cooking style, which mirrored its climate, topography, flora, and fauna, the people’s mood and their associations with others. He established that the Filhos de Macau community love food mainly their own cuisine as well as those from different Chinese province. Cantonese and Portuguese are two communities whose food and culture resembles those of the Chinese, where they have even used some common names to refer to different food products. The article also dealt mainly on Macau food, which the community uses them as cultural referent and confirmation of their presence. The article is conclusive in culture, food, and people’s preferences; hence, it is an informative article used by anyone interested in gastronomy. The author is well versed in these areas and he is still carrying out other researches in the area.

Scarpato, Rosario. (2002). Gastronomy: Studies in search of Hospitality. Journal of hostility and tourism management, 9(2) 1-12.
This article is an influence on the present discussion on the enlarged understanding of hospitality as well as its determination as a robust academic field. According to the author Scarpato, several scholars have currently claimed that both the present study agenda alongside the educational curriculum must be focused on the fresh theoretical outline, not limited to the economic statement of hospitality. The article presents into the study for such an outline the view of currently surfacing gastronomy researches affected by Australian institutions and learning. He argues that the concept of gastronomy research inquires some of the crucial hospitality norms.
The article is welled researched and the author has deep experience in the discipline. He has other publications related to this, which are also accessible online and may be used by anyone interested in this field.

Symons, Michael. (2004). Chapter 4: Gastronomy as a tourist product: the perspective of gastronomy studies. Gastronomy also brings our minds to what is really important, P. 94 -109.
This article by Symons was printed in 2004. The author in this chapter discusses the theoretical tools of the trans-disciplinary gastronomy research in relation to tourism planning and research. According to the author, this freshly surfacing concept does not substitute but adds those offered by other different disciplines researches on culture and food, society and food, food and marketing. In fact in this chapter, Symons emphasized that gastronomy researches are a solution to the critical condition for a study examining performance, picking insufficiencies, successes and potential enhancement within the gastronomic field of societies.
For simplicity, the author divided this article into two sections. For the first section, there is an evaluation of the gastronomy concept and analysis of its outline and gastronomy methodology. The other part is focused on the evaluation of tourism aspects in the trans-disciplinary review of gastronomy subjects. By doing that, the author proofs he understand and experience in the study; he is qualified and has published other article in these areas. Therefore, his work is complete and can be used by other researchers to get basic information. The article is valid and may be obtained upon registering as a member of the given selected libraries.

Yoon, Saera. Communion or Camouflage: Food and Focal Locales in Anna Karenina. Studies in Slavic cultures, P. 132-149. 2007.
Yoon’s article, it has been written in a special manner that brings out clearly the understanding and experiences of different cultures in different regions as it pertains to food. Critics of this article have ever realized the difference between rustic and urban life within the Tolstoy's works being a fundamental dichotomy, which mirrors the author’s visual and moral perception in the likeness of simple, unpretentious country life. In this article, the author discusses different aspects in relation to food and dress. He has also examined the way food motifs in Anna Karenina links to this spatial difference. He argues that food intake is not just an easy act of fulfilling man’s common hunger desire. He has studied the food habits of both poor and wealthy individuals and come up with various differences illustrated in this article.
The article is thus, informative and the author has other articles in the related fields. This, therefore, makes the article appropriate for this study, where other researchers to further their understandings may use it. Read More
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