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This is because group learning is important in enabling facilitation and sharing knowledge. It also stimulates reflection on knowledge and understanding…
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Problem Based Learning1: The Agony of Ecstasy
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THE AGONY OF ECSTASY of Learning Location of the School The Agony of Ecstasy Introduction Grouplearning is one of the most effective ways that a student can get to learn many things in class and outside class. This is because group learning is important in enabling facilitation and sharing knowledge. It also stimulates reflection on knowledge and understanding besides allowing the student to maximise the differing skills of the group members and peer support each other in the process of learning. This paper outlines the learning techniques in a group using a given scenario.
Question 1
The scenario is about a young woman named Tracey who had felt ill at a friend’s party the previous night. The people who brought Tracey at the local hospital also confine into a placement student named Sam about the condition of their friend Tracey. Further, Tracey’s friends diverge into matters to do with weird acting by Tracey. Apparently, Tracey was feeling hot, dry, and even had trouble waking up in the halls of residence. Tracey who had taken lots of water had not indicated any signs of trauma had not even gone to the toilet. Tracey’s friends became concerned with her situation and decided to take her to the emergency treatment because of her worsening condition. The friends think that Tracey might have taken Ecstasy at the party and this makes Sam to remember a newspaper story about Leah Betts who collapsed at died after an Ecstasy tablet, which was popular in the party scene. Finally, a test is done on Tracey to determine her body physiology and find out if she has had an ecstasy.
Question 2
The heart beat rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and sodium ions are the relevant physiological processes that would determine if Tracey had taken the ecstasy tablet. From the results of a blood test that was done, the results indicate that Tracey had an abnormal physiology in heart beat, body temperature, and blood pressure that were both beyond the normal conditions of human being. As such, the three physiological processes are altered with higher percentages from the normal conditions. This is information is deduced by comparing the value of physiological processes that Tracey indicated in the blood test with those of a normal functioning body (Evensen and Hmelo, 2000, p. 14). The carrying out of physiological tests was relevant because it could give an indication for the suspected ecstasy tablet and therefore enable the administering of relevant medication. Similarly, this is relevant because the first suspect for the cause of abnormal behaviours that Tracey was exhibiting could be a sign of poisoning inside the body.
Question 3
This scenario has the aspects of partying with friends in places where ecstasy tablets are readily available. Indeed, from the newspaper report that Sam had heard earlier, a young girl had collapsed and died after taking the tablet at a party. In such environment, people who are not careful are likely to take things inside their bodies that can alter or interfere with normal physiological functioning of their bodies. The physiological process evident in this scenario is where Tracey is taking a lot of water and not passing it out. This means that her body is dehydrating at a faster rate than the normal and this is a sign of excessive chemicals in the body.
Abnormal homeostasis conditions inside the Tracey’s body revealed in her continued thirsty and not emptying herself in the toilet. The excessive water is used to dilute the high levels of chemicals in the body that are caused by a reduction in the level of sodium ions. The key people in this scenario are the friends who were with Tracey at the friend’s party and Sam, a placement student at the hospital who has had stories about the effects of ecstasy tablet on the user. The friends come with a suspicion that Tracey might have taken ecstasy and Sam reinforces their fear by referring to a story he had about people who uses ecstasy tablets at the party.
Evensen, D. H. & Hmelo, C. E. 2000. Problem-based Learning: A Research Perspective on Learning Interactions. London: Taylor & Francis. Read More
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