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Harvard Reflection Paper Making Differences Matter: A New Paradigm for Managing Diversity - Essay Example

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Recently, that notion has changed with the realization that business diversity is involves more than discrimination. Business diversity is very essential because it lifts the moral of workers,…
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Harvard Reflection Paper Making Differences Matter: A New Paradigm for Managing Diversity
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Download file to see previous pages Workers need to apply their experience, skills, processes and leadership strategies to make their business grow because this way they feel committed to their work and do everything to ensure that their organization grow (Thomas & Ely, 1996). Business managers need to assimilate and integrate workers from diverse background since this will make employees feel accepted at the work place irrespective of their different backgrounds. The attempt to diverse businesses has not been hard in that it has created friction and tension among workers and hampering the performance of the company instead of cooperation and efficiency.
It is important to understand business diversity in a new way. Managers need to understand that diversity in business go beyond financial gain to include learning, individual, and organizational growth, creativity, and the potentiality of the organization to adjust and adapt to growing market transformations. In order to get this change, organizational leaders need to change their behaviors and attitudes about how to manage their workforce. It is significant to note that diversity does not mean more racial, gender, national or class representation as this inhibits company’s effectiveness to grow. Managers have to change this assumption and try to understand diversity in a new way.
Discrimination and fairness platform has been used to explain the diversity in business because many managers view this as an equal opportunity, compliance with the employment law, and fair treatment of workers (Thomas &Ely, 1996). Therefore, in order to ensure equality and fairness, it is important to restructure the composition of organizations for it to reflect that of society. Organizations should treat their workers fairly and equally to ensure that workplace diversity thrives. Organizations thrive and improve by overcoming challenging basic assumptions about organizational roles, operation, practices, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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