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Managing and Dealing Differences in Intercultural Marriages - Research Paper Example

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The following research "Managing and Dealing Differences in Intercultural Marriages" explores the studies conducted on intercultural marriages. Also, this paper examines the ways on how to manage and deal the problems peculiar to intercultural marriages…
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Managing and Dealing Differences in Intercultural Marriages
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Extract of sample "Managing and Dealing Differences in Intercultural Marriages"

Download file to see previous pages Intercultural couples face the problems inherent in interracial marriages. For one, families that cross racial lines deviate from the old-age norms of endogamous marriage (qt. in Bratter et al.). Crossing racial lines questions the racial-hierarchy structure by probing the possibilities of “moving across and between racial lines in family formation and individual identity” (Bratter and King). The enduring censure of who should and should not marry who remains to be prevalent in a certain society. Also, intercultural-married couples encounter many deeper-rooted problems when they have children on their own (Barbara). Furthermore, it was found out in one study that the rate of divorce for intercultural couples married for 10 years reach to 41 percent while same-race couples only amount to 31 percent (qt. in Bratter and King). The common causes for divorce, according to Amato and Previti, are the former couples’ incompatibility or little in common, unresolved conflicts or disagreements, and different goals or interests in life (qt. in Clarkwest).
Data and Methodology used by Bratter and King. Bratter and King utilized Cycle VI from the 2002 NSFG data. They confined their study to ever-married respondents, ages 15 to 44, numbering from 1,606 males and 4,070 females. Other background variables such as, but not limited to, age at marriage are included for analysis. Lastly, they compared the ages at marriage of the respondent and spouse.
Kang Fu’s Data and Method. Kang Fu used the information gathered from 5% Public Use Microdata Sample of the 1990 U.S. Census. The researcher’s analysis includes only the “native-born” couples, under age 35 (Kang Fu). Kang Fu employed the log-linear models. Also, he used the methods of analysis that control for the effects of population. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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