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Convince my teacher to pass english class - Essay Example

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I was presented with an opportunity and I am glad I grabbed it with both hands and it has paid off for me. I was also blessed that the teacher who taught me was really supportive and…
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Convince my teacher to pass english class
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Extract of sample "Convince my teacher to pass english class"

Client’s 18 October I have been fascinated by English language and I have always wanted to learn it properly. I was presented with an opportunity and I am glad I grabbed it with both hands and it has paid off for me. I was also blessed that the teacher who taught me was really supportive and understanding, without her support I would not have been able to learn the language.
Why do I deserve to pass the class?
I deserve to pass the class because when I joined the class my skills were very limited but now things are very different. I can write well without making errors and I can also speak the language well, this is considerable progress and this is exactly why I deserve to pass this class.
I have also worked very hard to pass this class, it has certainly not been easy because learning a new language is never easy but I have kept my nose to the grindstone and it has paid off for me.
I have been able to make new friends because I speak English, the communication barrier which existed earlier is not there anymore and they have also accepted me in their friend circle with open arms and it has been a great change, earlier it was not the same. They are a very welcoming group but there was a communication barrier which restricted my progress but I have worked on removing that barrier and I firmly believe that it has been completely removed now.
I consider this a really big achievement and I also feel that not everyone can learn a new language, it requires a lot of hard work and understanding to learn a new language and I have done exceedingly well. English language is considered to be one of the toughest languages and I felt the same initially but as we went along I started getting a grasp of it and now I have started reading novels and other pieces of literature which has helped me even more.
Learning is a continuous process and it never ends, I am aware of this fact and I have promised myself to continuously work hard and learn even more.
Finally, I deserve to pass because I have made great progress and there is no denying this fact. I have shown keen interest in the course and I have worked on both my writing as well as spoken skills and as a result of that I am able to write and speak well in English. I also deserve to pass this class because I have performed better than my peers, there are many who are yet to learn even a single sentence but my growth has been at a different level when compared to them, this is why I deserve to pass this class. Read More
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