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Methods, Problems and Issues in Maritime Policy - Essay Example

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The maritime industry, commonly referred to as the shipping industry, is not standardised, but made up of a number of discrete sectors, with each operating in different commercial and regulatory administrations. In addition, the needs of each of these discrete segments are…
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Methods, Problems and Issues in Maritime Policy
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Download file to see previous pages The liner cargo-carrying service sector, on the other hand, carries out its operations on regular scheduled services between ports which have been advertised. These advertised ports are known as the liner trades, and they operations are based on the principle of common carriage. In this sector, cargoes are transported for a number of shippers simultaneously, unlike in the bulk sector. It is worth noting that the liner cargo-carrying service sector is ordinarily subjected to a wide scope of regulatory constraints in matters of safety and commercial nature. In a majority of the countries, to be particular, some of the liner shipping practices do enjoy conditional exemptions from the anti-trust laws application. Resultantly, this ability to take part in co-operative practices has been contributory to the organisation and the shape of the sector (Starer & Mayerson 2009, p.1).
The bulk cargo-carrying sector, on its part, covers a number of primary sub-divisions whose basis is the specific types of vessels while liquid cargoes are shipped in chemical tankers, crude oil tankers, liquefied gas tankers and refined petroleum product tankers, non-liquid cargoes are shipped in dry bulk carriers and other multipurpose carriers. Ordinarily, vessels operating in the bulk cargo-carrying sector hardly operate on services which have been scheduled. Nevertheless, these vessels operate on precise expeditions in fulfilment of either short- or long-term contracts, in which the entire cargo transported on a particular voyage is property of an individual owner (Hubner n.d., p.24). Furthermore, carriers may be operating a number of routes as per the local demand in certain ports and can be shipping different bulk cargoes. These are habitually known as a tramp shipping sector- which is a separate sector within the shipping industry. The impromptu open market mode of operation distinguishes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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