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Optional subject - Research Proposal Example

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There was a time when rapid technological transformations obstructed business organizations to maintain a sustainable competitive position keeping pace with the innovation and competition. It is quite obvious that the aspect of knowledge is significantly becoming one of the…
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Optional subject
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Research Proposal: Impact of Knowledge Management in Providing Benefits to an Organization There was a time when rapid technological transformations obstructed business organizations to maintain a sustainable competitive position keeping pace with the innovation and competition. It is quite obvious that the aspect of knowledge is significantly becoming one of the imperative facets of production following the valuable business resources which include capital, labor and land. The world, in the past two decades, had to witness the appearance of various effective forces which intended to reshape the organizational communities. It has been viewed that most of the business organizations followed the approach of Knowledge Management (KM) in order to improve their organizational performances. Because of the broad execution of KM approach in several organizations, I became really interested in knowing about the impact of KM over the business environment on the whole (Rasula, Vuksic and Stembersger, “The Impact of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance”).
From the previous researches relating to the execution of KM in the business organizations, I have become even more intrigued about learning the impact of this particular approach. Likewise, I acquired a comprehensive knowledge from the previous researches that there lies considerable impact of KM in providing benefits to a particular business organization. The notion of KM is fundamentally described as a procedure which comprises of a broad assortment of effective business strategies as well as practices that helps the modern day organizations to accomplish their expected business objectives and most significantly, to enhance their organizational performances in the long-term scenario. It can be stated in this regard that there lies immense impact of KM over the business operations in the contemporary era, as most of the organizations have employed it with the motive of attaining significant benefits. In this similar context, one of the chief benefits of generating the practice of KM within the business organizations is that the practice imposes a positive impact upon their organizational performances. Moreover, according to previous studies, the practice of KM also affects the organizational results with regard to company innovation and employee along with product improvement (Rasheed, “The Impact of Knowledge Management on SME’s”).
My major interest about formulating the topic is that the phenomenon emphasizes upon the impact of KM which supports the business organizations to attain significant benefits as well as desired business objectives. The several benefits of KM approach are often attributed as enhanced team communication, improved productivity, increased level of customer participation, augmentation in the business procedure and most importantly improved organizational performances (Martin, “Evaluating the Benefits of Knowledge Management”). Additionally, there exists significant impact of KM by taking into concern the important aspects which include corporate culture, systems and strategies. From the perspective of corporate strategies, the organizations can devise effective business strategies through the execution of KM in order to deal with significant threats relating to suppliers or products. In relation to corporate culture, the organizations can identify the valuable norms, ideas, facts and views through KM practice which can be communicated amid the employees to enhance the overall organizational performances. From the standpoint of corporate systems, the organizations can develop the information systems through the execution of KM practice which would support their operational as well as the tactical functions of management by a considerable level (Rasheed, “The Impact of Knowledge Management on SME’s”).
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Optional Subject Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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