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Javier Lopez - Essay Example

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Athletics have evolved throughout the years to become one of the most coveted activities on earth. Following the diversity and dynamism of sports and games, heroes and heroines along these lines…
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Javier Lopez
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Extract of sample "Javier Lopez"

Download file to see previous pages This was when he got to play for the school team, amid his primary interest to join the FBI. It did not take him long to realize that his talent and personal drive was geared towards baseball. Before long, the FBI interest and desire was overtaken by his athletic personality that had by then become a significant part of his life. Following several successes in his newly realized dream, Javier Lopez has successfully become an icon player in baseball. Playing in national teams has placed him at the forefront of athletic responsibility; to win.
My personal thoughts about Javier Lopez are broad in scope and dynamic over time. Following his life from when he was born in the year 1977 to date shows that he follows his drive to live. Although his personal dream was to join the FBI, that did not have to be the case. He acknowledges that things change that dreams do not always come true. Sometimes people dream, but their dreams do not necessarily come true. In this respect, his dream to work with the FBI did not lock out alternative opportunities that would actually make his life a success.
Javier Lopez goes for what he believes is better for him. Being open-minded comes in handy for an individual to realize this. Personal success is not one-way-oriented. Success can be realized from failures. This does not mean that I think Javier Lopez was nor is a loser, but that he stood strong grounds to understand his strengths and weaknesses, and then designed a functional mechanism to enhance his strengths and counter his weaknesses. I think he is analytical and that he made a critical evaluation of the side of his life that would successfully work out best for him.
Being in the super leagues that Javier Lopez has played in has placed him at a better position to influence masses in relation to the benefits of sports, games, and physical exercises. Personally, I regard Javier Lopez as an ambassador of good health. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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