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Kaplan and Wright view globalization from a relative similar angle but with varied ideologies. They view America as one of the nations that keep adding more efforts to ensure that their standards are practiced…
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Article by robert wright
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Download file to see previous pages The dominant culture to occupy the world as a standard mode of carrying activities has been the bone of contention in this area.
Wright on his view states that the Americans have been on the fore run of ensuring that their values are appreciated all over the world. On the other hand, this has initiated reactions in different parts of the world leading to attacks such as terrorism (Wright, 2). This has been realized in the recent past with increases attacks on America. The attacks include organized terror groups who target America in the effort to kill their dominant position in the world.
In the process there have been challenges in handling terror group and rebellious countries as evident with Iran. Iraqi had organized terror groups that looked into putting down the American domination efforts. Considering this it is worth noting that America has had difficult time in doing away with such groups despite it being a super power. Dealing with Iraqi in the war had to take lots of efforts and technology as the Americans also suffered losses during the terror attacks executed by the Saddam led group.
Both Kaplan and Wright apply the historical occurrences that have determined the progress and behavior of the various dominating powers. By this, Americans have been viewed as those who lead in ideologies and principles followed by most parts of the world. On the same note, they bring in Christianity as the religion that seeks to dominate the world originating from the west, especially America. The recognition of Christianity as the religion to be adopted right from the historical perspective defines it all.
Both Kaplan and Wright puts it on the perspective that globalization has been a historically linked event that is still to be towed. Generation after generation keeps applying their efforts towards ensuring that the whole world follows a given form of operation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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