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Presidential candidates - Essay Example

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The 2012 American presidential election will pity two presidential candidates mainly the democratic incumbent, Barrack Obama and the Republican Mitt Romney. The two candidates are traversing the states as they sell their policies to voters. The major social issues identified by…
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Presidential candidates
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Extract of sample "Presidential candidates"

Download file to see previous pages As a way of reversing this trend, each of the two presidential candidates have come up with different policies of propelling the country forward through the restoration of the economy and subsequent creation of jobs. President Barrack Obama and his Republican adversary Mitt Romney hold different positions on the economy of the United States. Obama looks forward to rescind the Bush cut tax for households that receive more than $250,000 and lowering the manufacturing industry taxes. His short-term economic goal includes initiating stimulus expenditure and cutting taxes for economic growth. In the long term, he hopes to cut expenditure and consequently increase taxes on the wealthy. This will help to trim down the deficits (AARP Bulletin, 2012).
On his part, Mitt Romney looks forward to retaining the tax cuts associated with former president George W. Bush. He also intends to lower by 25 per cent the rate of taxes in all sectors. Additionally, Romney will also reduce expenditure on discretion that are not related to security by 5 per cent in a bid to trim down deficits. The Republican candidate hopes to cut and initiating regulations that will encourage business growth ( AARP Bulletin, 2012).
President Obama supports the 2010 health care bill that he signed into law. He consequently advocates for the safeguard of patients from rascal insurance companies. He will allow the coverage for the currently prevailing conditions and ensure that insurers do not falter or dope patients whenever they fall sick. Individuals are required to purchase health care insurance or accrue a fine. However, employers on behalf of employees should do the purchase of the health care insurance. On his part, Romney holds a different view. According to him, citizens should buy their own health care insurance instead of doing it using their employers. Besides, the health care insurance policy should not be uniform across the states. Individual states should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Presidential Candidates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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