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1)What is food insecurity What are the main reasons for food insecurity in the developing world - Essay Example

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The terms “insecurity of food” and “security of food” are used to refer to the quality and the quantity of food available to individuals around the globe. The security and insecurity of food is caused due to several reasons such as instable political conditions, quantity…
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1)What is food insecurity What are the main reasons for food insecurity in the developing world
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Extract of sample "1)What is food insecurity What are the main reasons for food insecurity in the developing world"

Download file to see previous pages llennium, one of the goals set by policy makers throughout the world was to reduce 50% of hunger throughout the word by the period of 2015 (Scanes, 2011, p.8). During 2006, over 820 million were expected to be among those who are suffering from hunger throughout developing nations and the rate of hunger is increasing instead of decreasing at a constant rate, especially in African and Southern Asian regions (Hampton, 2007). This paper will focus on what food insecurity is and what is causing food insecurity in the regions of developing nations, as well as how it can be countered.
During 2000, all the leaders throughout the world decided to comply with the aims and objectives of MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) (Sachs, 2005). On top of the aims and objectives list was the reduction of poverty and hunger. During 2003, the numbers showed positive signs as hunger decreased from 823 million to 820 million which accounts for a change from 20% to 17% of hunger (Skoet, 2006, p.4). Food insecurity is a term used to define conditions when individuals do not have access to food both physically and economically throughout their life and can not stay well nutritious and healthy. The components that add up to form the definition and application of food security include: existence of abundant amount of food in reality, accessibility of food to individuals and stable accessibility over prolonged period of time, availability of high quality food, and ability of human beings to control their food and what they eat. Hunger is a term mostly used to denote to food insecurity but it is not actually food insecurity because hunger can even arise on temporary basis for people who have abundant amount of food. Hunger does not last for a prolonged period of time and it takes place when agricultural production declines due to changes in weather and seasons or during war sessions. Hunger can even be categorized as chronic in nature when restricted amount of access to food quality and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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