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Ben Franklin once said, all mankind is divided into three classes, those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move - Admission/Application Essay Example

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One class would be those that are immovable and secondly those that are movable. He also quoted that the third category of humankind was those that move. In essence, he made two notable shifts…
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Ben Franklin once said, all mankind is divided into three classes, those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move
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Extract of sample "Ben Franklin once said, all mankind is divided into three classes, those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move"

Admission Essay Benjamin Franklin, an American scientist, once said that humankind had three es. One class would be those that are immovable and secondly those that are movable. He also quoted that the third category of humankind was those that move. In essence, he made two notable shifts that transformed his life to an influential one to date. Essentially, he devoted half his life to the printing trade and the other half to remarkable contribution to the whole society. Benjamin Franklin and I have similar traits in that we are both the kind that moves.
In the summer of 2009, an indigenous boy carrying boxes containing his stuff came along to the U.S in search of the American dream. True to what they say there is the American dream in everyone’s heart. Initially, my ability to communicate in English was exceptionally poor that it reflected in my grades. Sadly, my poor performance made me acquire the nickname biggest loser, a name that was extremely disheartening. Despite my experiences influencing negative effects on me, I held on to a dream in my heart that was to be the best in this foreign land. Subsequently, I decided to build on my self-confidence instead of wallowing in self-pity in order for me to make head way in my life. As a result, I joined two university teams as a freshman, which gave me a boost in my confidence and energy. With this achievement, I caught up with my day to day’s schoolwork, which had substantial influence in my overall grades.
Arguably, I have always believed that America is a place fraught with possibilities, which turned out to be true. For instance, I transferred to Hyde after a relatively non-accomplished first year. For me, it was the greatest opportunity to be in an institution that embalmed the values that I believed in. As part of the journey, I took a flight from Pennsylvania to Maine, which was another memorable experience. However, it took me quite some time to adapt to the weather and the cultural environment of the new surroundings, but I did not lose hope. In contrast, the school was much harsher than in my former, but this did not dampen my spirits. In addition, a close friend to my father visited the US where contributed to send me abroad to further my studies. Jun Zhou took me on a journey across the eastern coast during one short school break, but I had to return to Pennsylvania because of my studies. From that moment on, I adopted another dream, which was to visit new places and experience the new things that they had to offer.
After years of hard work, satisfactory results started to yield to the extent of one of my teachers noticing my efforts. I had grown both academically and in the athletic field. For one, I have memories of the day the Football team won the State Championship and the happy times spent on community service over the past three years. I hold these memories dear just like the one I have of being a school leader. With the college education in sight, I have raised my goals to make my prospects more ambitious by identifying what my next accomplishment should be. In this regard, influential businesspersons have drawn a strong sense of admiration from me, as they have challenged me to embrace the true spirit of business. They have made immense visible contribution both physically and socially. Ideally, Benjamin Franklin stands out, as the best as what he stood for will lead me to a significant future.
In conclusion, Franklin’s statue within the campus is a constant reminder of the accomplishments associated to his name. His effigy has carried humble color for the last a hundred and thirteen years, reciprocating influence and overly encouraging people. To many others and me, it is a symbol of constant pushing on and moving forward. Read More
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