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An effective group is one which is able to accomplish the set targets and goals effectively as well as efficiently. Group effectiveness is the degree to which the group achieves the set goals and succeeds in accomplishing what it tries…
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The effective groups
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Download file to see previous pages A group should be goal directed as well as structured properly. Goal directed means that the group should be designed to achieve some outcome and properly structured means the responsibility of the tasks and its related performance should be delegated to the members of the group. The ultimate responsibility of the group is to achieve high performance in an effective and efficient manner in order to achieve the set goals and targets. An effective group is built on several skills including ethical as well as practical skills.
Ethical skills are extremely important for the group to perform effectively. Ethical skills involve honesty skills, giving respect to all the members of the group, listening skills as well as relationships built in trust. Honesty is an important factor for any group`s success. The group members should follow a code of being honest towards each other. It is true that honest is the best policy. Without honesty among the group members, no group can work effectively and accomplish its goals. Even greater than being honest with other group members, a person should, first and foremost, be honest to himself/herself. If a person is not honest to himself, he will not be able to work effectively in any group and as a result, the group will suffer and will not be able to accomplish its goals and targets. Therefore, honesty within and with other group members is extremely important for the group as a whole. Along with this, all group members must be honest with their work as well. Not being honest with the work can prove to be very costly for the group and the entire group will have to suffer and bear the consequences. In the past, there have been several cases where one group member used illegal ways to accomplish their task and as a result, the reputation of the entire group was affected. Therefore, honesty with the work itself is also highly important for the group as a whole.
Another ethical skill necessary for group effectiveness is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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