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Teaching skills:Objective 602.2.3-03: Explain how to help students develop and practice strategies for managing time, staying organized, completing assignments, and recording their grades - Essay Example

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This is because they are at a prime age where adolescence is taking a toll on them. At ages 13 to 18, they have a lot of influence from their peers, and…
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Teaching skills:Objective 602.2.3-03: Explain how to help students develop and practice strategies for managing time, staying organized, completing assignments, and recording their grades
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Extract of sample "Teaching skills:Objective 602.2.3-03: Explain how to help students develop and practice strategies for managing time, staying organized, completing assignments, and recording their grades"

Self-Management particularly those in high school require some guidance and coaching to enable them embrace various responsibilities. This is because they are at a prime age where adolescence is taking a toll on them. At ages 13 to 18, they have a lot of influence from their peers, and losing focus might be very easy at this time. Therefore, it is crucial to come up with an elaborate plan with proper strategies to help guide them to focus in managing their studies, managing their time, setting elaborate goals, self-assessment, staying organized recording their grades and maintaining discipline.
Timetable is an important tool in the day-to-day academic life of a high school student. A teacher should teach them how to formulate their own timetable to help them organize, plan and allocate time for their studies, meals, sports and games and any other extracurricular activities. Timetable will help them manage their time effectively and efficiently and will help them meet deadlines for various duties both at school and at home. A teacher should teach students how to make a proper personal timetable by giving them a classical example of a timetable that will be effective.
Time management is another important aspect of high school students. This is one area where they most difficulty when managing their school work. They should be taught how to time themselves either when sleeping, waking up, going to classes, or waiting for a school bus to pick them up from home. Alarms work effectively with students, and it is important to encourage them to have gadgets with alarm settings such as clocks and watches. (Thompson, J. G. 2007).

Completion and handing in of assignments should be made clear by the teacher to ensure that students allocate themselves adequate time for research and studying and doing assignments. This goes hand in hand with the timetable and the teacher should have taught the students on how much time to allocate to assignments. Some students have trouble in writing tasks and scheduling time for doing assignments. A teacher should always elaborate and give them time to plan how they will do and complete the assignment. Jha (2006), states that students should use reminders such as CAPS and FYE kiosk, which will help them look at upcoming assignments.
The essence of staying organized is very important since it goes hand in hand with embracing responsibilities in their studies, sports, or any extracurricular work. Coaching on setting personal goals, which can be either long term or short term, should be provided and knowing the importance of having focus and a sense of purpose. Students come from different backgrounds, and while some will have great difficulty in staying organized, some will not have a problem at all. Therefore, a teacher should provide some coaching in organization (Thompson, T. S., & Sullivan, C. R. 2008).
Self-assessment of students particularly when it comes to recording of their grades is paramount. The teacher should elaborate on how they should assess their grades after every test, exam, or assignment. They should also assess their work after every term or semester. Self-assessment should enable students to track their performance and improve where they are poor. They should record their grades on either report cards or any other record.
In conclusion, coaching students on Self-management is thus of paramount importance as it helps them to be responsible, make learning easy and be excellent in their studies. It also creates a good environment for learning since the students always organize themselves for individual and collective learning. Student empowerment usually has a long-term effect on them and such coaching lingers on even in their adult life when they get into the job market.
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