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Food Insecurity Projects Conducted by the Following Organizations - Research Paper Example

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The alliance is for the betterment of food and agriculture sectors where it has covered several projects to combat food insecurity. The regions include…
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Food Insecurity Projects Conducted by the Following Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) is one of the major alliances of United Nations which fundamentally works in the areas of forestry, fishery practices and food or agriculture activities. Under the mission of food safety development FAO have deployed couple of international projects to bring the highest values in food and nutrition for the people of different cultures and communities. FAO has established a Global Information Early Warning System (GIEWS) which take actions in food security situations prevailing in Qatar, Libya, Kuwait, and Morocco etc. The organization has established integrated pest management systems, which prevent pest diseases to come to rural food districts. In 1990s FAO trained Asian farmers to apply advanced pest control methods for the prevention of pest contagion, which eventually saved a lot of food sectors which were exposed to food diseases at that time (FAO).
In the origin of G8 summit where world top leaders enjoined to combat food insecurity, GAFSP (Global Agriculture and Food Security Program) came out as a solution for those regions of the world which are in the bad shape of food and agriculture. GAFSP is a global financial mechanism which is to structure and manage Global agriculture and food. It is an international fund raising mechanism which is active to resolve Global food chain problems. The problems of food supply and demand, problems of nutritional insecurities and problems of health and food safety are all important considerations of GAFSP (FAO).
Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) is an idea of maximized growth improvised by the Denmark Government which is in direct mission to combat international food insecurities. It is a concept that has brought different countries to align at one major cause and that is to secure water for the coming generations, and for the future Planet Earth’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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