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The value of higher education in today's society - Research Paper Example

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In most cases, it results in awarding degrees or other higher achievements. There are international human rights instruments, which define the rights of every…
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The value of higher education in todays society
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Download file to see previous pages Some people believe that higher education is expensive but it has to be noted that it is worth every penny that a person spends on it. This can be attributed to the fact education gives a student an opportunity to be employed in the best sector of the economy. Colleges have undergone tremendous changes over the years as they try to offer the best skills to their students (Byrne, 2005).
Education is the key to the success of any given individual because it brings out the best in a person. Education cannot be ignored because of the fact that skills and other techniques, which are very important in life, are attained in school. Education comes at a cost, which means that every stakeholder in the industry has to play his or her part in order to ensure that all willing students have access to quality education. The governments of all various countries have to ensure that education is available and affordable to every person in the society irrespective of social status, race, gender, or ethnicity. This cannot be achieved if not all the people in the society value the benefits that come with good and quality education (Fa, 2007).
American higher education system strengthens the economic and social sectors in the country. This can be attributed to the fact that individuals’ dreams and those of the society are met through a good and quality education. Although many people view education as a source of good livelihood to an individual, it has to be understood that the society benefits when its members are learned. The long-term benefits associated with a college degree are associated with what a person achieves in the future. Many students in college ask themselves whether they will be able to get a good job after spending all the money associated with higher education. The answer is yes because a college degree is a lifetime achievement that does not expire. College graduates are in a better position to make ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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