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Value of Education in Todays Society - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyzes a value of education in todays society. From very small children, many people are taught that to get ahead today, they must have a good education to be successful. Many horror stories are told by parents about how, if they do not have an education, they will not be able to have a good job. …
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Value of Education in Todays Society
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Download file to see previous pages Education is Important to the Economy and to Learning Civic Responsibility Participants in higher education are often more responsible financially because they are opened to a variety of higher level thinking skills. Mohan (2012) states that an individual who gains a degree is often able to find better jobs than those who do not. Mohan also states that people are less likely to accept public assistance if they have a good job. Brand (2010) states that education puts people into the position of becoming more civic minded. Brand notes that as people excel in college, they are less likely to be involved in volunteer work. Education opens people’s minds and directs them to a better life. This is an important feature of education that is true across cultures. Education is Important to Career Advancement Many people want to advance in their careers. Many times, they only way for advancement is to gain more education. In many corporate settings, as employees gain certain levels of education, they can move into management other positions. Education helps an individual see other opportunities and put into place goals and objectives that are important to their own career growth. Comunian, Faggian, and Jewell (2011) point out that there are a variety of careers that are successful when people are looking for jobs. When someone has education they can also begin at a better salary than they would if they only have a high school education. A higher salary may mean that a person will spend more money in the economy and this will help society improve. Educated people are able to critically think in many situations. Baum and Payea (2005) state that when people have a college education it provides...
This paper approves that Education creates leaders. Leaders are important in any society because they are at the head of most organizations. Chyns, Kiefer, Kerschreiter and Tymon state that education is important to self-awareness and leadership development. The authors studied leadership and found that leaders must be able to understand the environments in which they work. Leaders also have an understanding of how to lead people and get them to do what is needed. This is important because without strong leadership, most organizations fail.
This essay comes to a conclusion that education is important to society on many levels. Education drives a society and can help it transition to a stronger community. Education is important to enhance a society and to make it stronger. When someone is gaining education, he or she learns how to help others achieve as they take the role of leadership. Education is important to the economy because educated people spend more and they pay more taxes. They also pay taxes. Both situations bring people together and help the society grow. Most organizations are working with a diverse work group which means that training should be involved with them to understand more about cultures and about what culture looks like. In a global world, it is important is to be culturally sensitive to the needs of all workers and this come with education and training. There is no doubt that education is important to society. There are a variety of ways that educated people help the economy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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