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Public Value and Accessibility of Art - Essay Example

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This paper aims to discuss if a concern with public value in the cultural sector means all art should be accessible to all. While art may be very important to some people, it may not mean anything for others. To most, it may be a nice indulgence but its value to them fades through the daily problems of physical survival, jobs, money, food, and other obligations…
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Public Value and Accessibility of Art
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Download file to see previous pages One fact is that it is observable that art allows one to live life happier and lighter. Art can be observed as having played a crucial role in life throughout the ages. It can be described as universal because its presence is seen everywhere, in every country and culture with their own depiction of art. Cave dwellers of prehistoric times used art by drawing on the walls to record history. Religion uses art in recording the life and death of Christ. An artist creates art for a specific reason and purpose, which could be religious, symbolic, customary, traditional or just simply expressive. Whatever the purpose may be, art has been used as a way to express ideas and beliefs.
With the question, "does a concern with public value in the cultural sector mean that it should be accessible to all", the answer to this is yes. This position is supported by a number of attempts from a shift of private art museums into making them public and allowing the people to see them. The Louvre is considered a prototypical public art museum that offers civic ritual (Duncan 1995). The Louvre also made public art museums become signs of politically virtuous states. It contributed to the flourishing of the art in public domain that by the end of the 19th century, every western nation had one important public art museum (Duncan 1995). The popularity of public museums had spread in the third world in the 20th century in which military despots and traditional monarchs built them to pay respect to the western values as well as in gratitude to their western military and economic aid (Duncan 1995). It is also said that political advantages go along with public art (Duncan 1995). In Europe, two of the most important public art museums are the Louvre Museum in Paris and the National Gallery in London. The two have different histories and collection yet both of them stand as monuments of the then emerging age of democratic revolutions (Duncan 1995).
The cultural value of art is brought more clearly when it is publicized or when the public is allowed to take a view of it. Although in the past, certain works of art were put under censorship and/or created a public stir such as Goya's Nude Maja, these works now are considered an icon of cultural value in which people can study the social condition of the past through them.
The government support for the arts can be understood as one in which arts produce cultural benefits while directly enriching artists, art firms, and arts consumers (Frey, 1997). This being said, pursuits for its public value allow for explorations of various possibilities in which they may be further promoted, in which that promotion implies inviting people to view them and making them accessible. Some of the benefits of arts are education, prestige, bequests to future generation, economic development, expressive freedom, and diversity, whose maximization can be realized by making them accessible to all. Through the arts, people may be culturally enriched in a community that involve vital arts sector and supports its undertaking. Despite not having to attend arts events and formal arts studies, the accessibility of arts must be ensured since it provides education through various forms, and people can still obtain education and enhance themselves into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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