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Week 1 - Assignment: Self-Assessment - Career Development - Essay Example

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The designing process of the resume is a difficult task as the resume serves as the mirror for the person. The managers and other heads will heir or not heir a person on the basis…
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Week 1 - Assignment: Self-Assessment - Career Development
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Extract of sample "Week 1 - Assignment: Self-Assessment - Career Development"

Career Development Career Development In order to present oneself to the professional world designing a resume is of utmost importance. The designing process of the resume is a difficult task as the resume serves as the mirror for the person. The managers and other heads will heir or not heir a person on the basis of the resume. Therefore it is necessary that one’s resume must be highly professionally designed so that the first impression is effective and impressive. The resume is a complete document of your educational background, your skills, your expertise and your work experience. One must be very careful and attentive while designing the resume and must make sure that the person mentions all the information related to his education, all his qualifications and skills, must be clearly mentioned and his work experience with complete description of his job duties must also be mentioned. The skills that are mentioned help the office to select the right candidate for the required position (Bostwick, n.d.).
I perceive to be an early childhood teacher and I believe that the qualities that I possess along with my qualifications are perfect for the profession that I want to continue. From an early point of time in my life I have time and again worked at different schools, homes, nurseries, etc. where I have been working and with children of various ages. I have the experience of working with children of almost all ages and different mental levels. The greatest quality that I suppose I possess is that my past experiences are all relevant to the job position. The previous activities that I have been involved in were all relevant to working for the children or working with the teachers who were involved in working for the children. I have assisted teachers who have been working for the children and help them handle different types of children. Skills like creativity and arts and crafts are in built for children of all ages (Bostwick, n.d.).
It is a difficult task to handle kids and keep them under control. And I have the skill to efficiently handle the kids and keep them under control under all possible situations. The only thing that the children are in need of is love, care and affection and I am a very soft-hearted and kind person and love to have interaction with children. Besides this the qualifications that I possess are all relevant to the job position. The education that I have studied is also related to teacher training for the children (Bostwick, n.d.). I have also attended a number of seminars and short programs that train and guide teachers to teach, handle and communicate with the children effectively. I have got strong communication skills and know how to effectively and impressively communicate with people of different professions and also have a good and strong control on language. I can handle stressful conditions effectively without much trouble and I am very efficient in handling deadlines.
The above skills and abilities that I have mentioned above are I believe perfect for the job position and the profession that I perceive to continue. Besides the qualities that I require for my profession I possess qualities that are certainly required as a person and offices and institutions prefer to heir such people who have other abilities and skills also other than those required for the job.
Bostwick, B. (n.d.). Resume writing. S.l.: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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Week 1 - Assignment: Self-Assessment - Career Development Essay.
“Week 1 - Assignment: Self-Assessment - Career Development Essay”, n.d.
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