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It is a fact beyond suspicion that almost all prudent, disciplined and compassionate corporate firms and organizations strongly believe in the remarkable business principle that a company should be more concerned, considerate and benevolent by sticking to the policy of paying…
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The love canal case
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Love Canal Case Module Module ID: The Paper: It is a fact beyond suspicion that almost all prudent, disciplined and compassionate corporate firms and organizations strongly believe in the remarkable business principle that a company should be more concerned, considerate and benevolent by sticking to the policy of paying more heed to public interest than to its personal business interests, benefits and ventures, (Nash, 2010:20). Consequently, sometimes the companies have to undergo heavy financial losses while allocating its funds in public interest; the same could also be viewed by witnessing the compensation made by Hooker’s Occidental Company in the famous Love Canal case (Business Week, 1978).
By going through the case, under-examination, the first questions appears how the situation appeared at the first place. Since, toxic wastes had been buried in the trench, once specified for the canal by William J. Love, the Board and Education and the land developers must have not constructed anything on it, as their act not only destroyed the entire region, but also put hundreds of precious lives in grave jeopardy. Secondly, the governmental agencies also appear to be responsible for demolishing of houses, schools and other places built on the trench carrying fatal waste. Had they not allowed construction of the buildings at there, the area would have not witnessed spread of cancer and other diseases, along with occurrence of abnormal births in that region (Business Week, 32). Thus, the main problem is the (mis)appropriate allocation and use of the land without cleansing it for residential, educational and commercial purposes. However, since Occidental Petroleum Company had informed about the presence of heavy toxic wastes buried while selling the land to the Niagara Falls Board of Education, in the wake of the latter’s threatening behavior, the Company did not have any responsibilities for the losses in men and material to be occurred for the future years to come. On the contrary, the Board of Education, land developers and governmental agencies are liable for the losses took place in the form of seepage and leakage of the toxic wastes. Thus, the loyalties certainly go to the Occidental Company, and the poor masses due to the very fact that the former agreed to pay heavy ransom for the loss it did not have any involvement or intention to get involved, while the latter suffered in the form of experiencing seepage, breakout of diseases, and demolishing of their residences and workplaces at large (Business Week, 33).
Another important issue, appeared while analyzing the case under-investigation, includes the discussing of the problem with all the parties involved in the case while making final decision on the same in order to settle it down. Although, the Occidental Company had obtained legal permission for using the trench to bury the dangerous toxic, yet it should have taken appropriate and long term measures in order to save the masses and environment as well from any future calamity and disturbance subsequently. Since the company was well aware of the very reality that the waste had not been buried properly, and could cause seepage in future, endangering the life of thousands of precious lives. Thus, it handed over the land to the education board without taking steps to cleanse it or destroy the waste permanently. However, no single party could held liable for the entire state of affairs; consequently, discussing the entire matter with all stakeholders could be supportive in solving the matter in an amicable way, and without imposing fines and penalties on one party only (Nash, 26-27).
Nash, Laura L. (2010) Ethics without the Sermon Harvard Business Press
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The Love Canal Case Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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