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The Dallas University web page provides varied solution to students with different questions and difficulties along different courses and subject disciplines. However, students may be interested to some additional information, but they cannot access them easily (Association for…
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Resource Directory
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Resource Directory Resource Directory The Dallas web page provides varied solution to with different questions and difficulties along different courses and subject disciplines. However, students may be interested to some additional information, but they cannot access them easily (Association for Humanistic Psychology, 1980). In such cases, they will need the help of concern advisors whose contacts are also provided in this web page. Students can be helped in the range of issues and questions including academic, Finance and Financial aid, personal information, technology support, and Literacy information. Sonya Stanton is the university student academic advisor who provides students with academic advices. He can be contacted through [email protected] Solutions within this regard are found in 214.459.2203. Karen Wilkerson is the Student Finance Associate Director of Student Finance, and he provides advices regarding disbursement of loans among other financial issues. He can be contacted via [email protected] Solutions within this regard are found in 214.459.2215 (Class Template, 01).
The university administration also helps students in changing their personal information or contact. These changes also engulf changes in marital status. Brigit Mattix is the Director of Student Services who helps in ironing students’ personal information issues, and he can be contacted through [email protected] Solutions within this regard are found in 214.459.2244 (Class Template, 01). Dallas University is an academic institution; thus, students may sometimes need to access library personnel or some academic materials. Jennifer Hostutler is the Learner Support Specialist, and she handles Library and Academic Resource Center; therefore, students with literacy information needs can contact her through [email protected] Solutions in the information literacy are found in 214.459.2215. Finally, most of the information in the university is in technology form; thus, students with problems of accessing online information including class site and email should contact the Technology support team through [email protected] Technology problems’ solutions are found in 1.866.848.0776 (Class Template, 01).
Association for Humanistic Psychology. (1980). Resource directory. San Francisco, CA (325 9th St., San Francisco 94103: Association for Humanistic Psychology.
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