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Admission Acceptance - Essay Example

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Although I do not consider it necessarily an exceptional hardship,I have only been in the United States about three and one half years. When I first arrived here it was somewhat difficult for me to become acclimated to life in the states…
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Admission Acceptance
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Extract of sample "Admission Acceptance"

Personal ment Although I do not consider it necessarily an exceptional hardship, as this is by no means a unique situation, I have only been in the United States about three and one half years. When I first arrived here it was somewhat difficult for me to become acclimated to life in the states. Everything was so different. I had left behind in my homeland, everything that seemed normal and natural to me and found myself in a completely alien culture. My proficiency in English was barely passable. Not only did I have difficulty expressing myself, I found it difficult, as well, to understand spoken English here. Since those first few trying months, I have gained a firm grasp of the language and, more importantly, the cultural and language nuances that were so foreign to me at first.
Something as simple as school was very strange from what I was accustomed to; the schools in India are very different from those here in the US, and it was almost overwhelming initially, but I have since overcome those barriers. My school work did suffer to an extent during my transition, and therefore, my grades do not fully reflect my potential or intelligence. I had to work harder than most of my peers in order to keep up in my schoolwork, not because I was not smart enough, but because everything was new and different and I had to become fluent in English. It did affect my grades, but it taught me much about myself and what I am capable of. I have gained valuable insight into what I can accomplish in my life and learned that at times the important lessons we learn cannot be measured by external standards. Over the last few years I have matured and come to the realization that I have the intelligence, dedication, motivation and capability to achieve my goals in life and that nothing is impossible if I set my sights on achieving it - The only thing that can limit me is me.
Graduating from high school, I am now setting my sights on moving one step closer to achieving my chosen profession which is to work in the computer science field. I have not yet decided upon whether to concentrate on software engineering or computer science engineering, but have no doubt as to my desire to work within this field. Computers and the fast paced, evolving technology surrounding them has been my passion for years, and I will become an integral part of this cutting edge technology. Acceptance into the University of Texas at Dallas Computer Science Program will bring me one step closer to that. This school has a state of the art program and I want to become a part of it, first through completion of my Bachelors degree and then through obtaining my Masters.
What I initially saw and introduced to you as perhaps my greatest hardship is also one of my strengths. I will bring to the university my experience of the last several years, but also the richness of my diverse background. Having lived the majority of my life in India I have the opportunity of bringing a unique perspective to the university. As well as gaining an outstanding academic education, I will gain a life experience education too. The perspectives and culture in which I was raised and spent most of my life coupled with what I have learned since moving to the states will enable me to share with my fellow students thoughts and ideas in a new light, bridging the distance between two diverse cultures and allowing us to better understand our cultural difference and, more importantly, to see how similar we all truly are.
At the risk of sounding conceited, I know I have the intelligence and drive to excel in the Computer Science Program and will bring to the university my diverse past with a willingness to share and exchange views, ideas and experiences that will benefit, not just myself, but my fellow students, as well. In closing, I would like to thank you for the opportunity you have afforded me in explaining my desire to become a part of the university family. My sincere desire is to be a part of the student body in Dallas and upon acceptance will not let you, my family or myself down. I look forward to hearing a positive response in the near future. Read More
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