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Head Start is an American federal program for deprived children that belong to low income families in enhancing their social and cognitive development and also to provide them with basic necessities of life. It was in 1965 and emphasizes on the role of parents in children lives…
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Policy Evaluation Findings and Recommendations Paper WK5 BPA 303
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Policy Evaluation Findings and Recommendations: Head Start Association [Supervisor’s Policy Evaluation Findings and Recommendations
The paper attempts to summarize the information for Head Start and their policies to date, and provides recommendations for change in policies of Head Start Association.
Head Start is an American federal program for deprived children that belong to low income families in enhancing their social and cognitive development and also to provide them with basic necessities of life. It was in 1965 and emphasizes on the role of parents in children lives and believes that every child must be benefitted from education, health and social development of their families (Head Start, 2012).
Head Start policies should be focused more towards improving lives of children and the poor because at a smaller age a child learns emotional development patterns and individual’s expectations to oneself. Social service programs are to be devised that could identify the social needs of children and their parents such as food, clothing and housing and ensure that these services are continuously available to families. The company currently has a policy that they comprehensively meet cognitive and academic needs of children; however, the organization must be focused towards providing development of a child across all domains (Chicago Department, 2010).
The Federal Government should form a body of stakeholders that could address the matters of the organization and to assemble their workforce. The government should convene a pool of professionals that could be able to provide their suggestions voluntarily to generate more funds for the organization. The Federal Government should also develop a team of researchers that could find out new ways to teach young children and to improve their learning standards. The involvement of the family is the key to early learning of childhood which could help in successful parent engagement (Chicago Department, 2010).
Reference List
Chicago Department. (2010). The Head Start Policy Project Recommendations for the Federal Government. Chicago: National Head Start Association.
Head Start. (2012, May 08). About Head Start. Retrieved September 26, 2012, from Read More
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