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The business plan of Super Stars sports facility - Essay Example

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This essay is a business plan of Super Stars sports facility that is about to commence its operations. It outlines the executive summary of the sports facility, its vision and its mission statements. Business application packages have been used to conduct both an external and the internal analysis. …
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The business plan of Super Stars sports facility
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Download file to see previous pages This paper discusses that Super Stars will be a sports organization which will be focused on enhancing and inculcating sports values among the community members in Bradford city in the United Kingdom. Currently, there are very few multi-sports facilities in Bradford and hence the company hopes to fill this gap. The kind of sporting activities that will be trained includes swimming, skiing, skate boarding, athletics, rugby, golfing, gymnastics, football and hockey. The organizations planned keys to success involves putting the customers wants first and working hard towards satisfying them. The organization will also use appropriate marketing facilities for its services, creating a conducive environment for its operations, purchase quality sports equipments and hiring qualified staffs to assist in the management of the activities. The Super Stars sports facility hopes to target people who have the passion for getting physically fit. It will provide all the necessary facilities that are required in order for people to exercise and attain maximum satisfaction. The members will be both adults and the children and it involves both genders. The sports facility will be a member’s only facility. The membership will be divided into a adult membership, students membership and junior membership. The juniors include children between the age of 5 and 14 years. The adults are those above the age of 14. The membership fee for the junior plan will be 40 pounds plus a 240 pounds annual subscription fee. The adults’ membership fee shall be 50 pounds plus an annual subscription fee of 360 pounds. ...
However, students will be granted a fee waiver to encourage them to engage in sporting activities which include a 45 pounds membership fee plus a 300 pounds annual subscription fee. At the beginning of its operations, Super Stars sporting organization will use funds from the government and community contributions to finance its operations. The government has advanced 9,000,000 pounds towards the setting up of the facility. It hopes that the community will contribute 2,000,000 pounds. These funds will be used to purchase the necessary equipments, setting up the entire business, hiring trainers, and maintenance of the facility and equipments. The organization hopes to achieve 52, 000 pounds at the end of the first financial year. By the end of five years the facility hopes that the profits will have increased to around 250,000 pounds per year. Vision Statement The vision statement is a description of the picture of the organization in the long term or in the middle term. It is a clear picture of the organization that describes its desired outcome that seeks to energize, inspire, influence, and enables one to have a mental picture of what the organization hopes to attain( shank, 2005,p.75). It represents a framework for an individual’s comprehensive strategic planning and refers to the inspiration of the organization. It involves the articulation of the organizations dreams and hopes. It helps the organization in making a choice between the current and the future courses of action. It puts together the goals and objectives of the organization. In connection to sporting activities, the vision statement is set so as to provide it with a blueprint for success and set a foundation for what the long term goal is (Elitesportleader, 2012, p. 1). An effective vision ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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