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Personnel management - Essay Example

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In this paper the attempt is made to explain the existence of diversity at a workplace and its positive and negative effects on the organization, its employers and employees. The diversity at a workplace can be related to different factors: gender, ethnicity, culture,…
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Personnel management
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Download file to see previous pages The main significance of diversity in any organization is that the employees can face many adversities and contingencies on a continuous basis.
In a workplace where there is diversity, one can see that the employees have more empowerment and official rights. The main objective of an organization in attracting different employees is to enhance the team workability and talent pool. Moreover, the human resource department of an organization has more selection in recruiting employees if the workforce of the organization is supposed to be diverse and versatile. The workforce of an organization can be diverse in relation to many factors: gender, race, nationality, disability and education. Moreover, the organizations can reap more advantages and disadvantages from the employees if work diversity exists in a workplace.
Practically, if we consider defining the concept of workplace diversity, it can be referred to as the inclusion of variety of people in an organization to receive full potentiality out of them. According to Edwards (2012), “When the workplace is diverse, it shows that your establishment is a true equal opportunity business that hires people with different backgrounds and races, instead of segregating, or discriminating against a certain individual”. The diversity in a workforce has a highlight of extracting potentiality from various human resources available throughout the world. This includes various types of people with different instincts who can contribute to the success and profitability of an organization.
In America, the workforce diversity can be reflected in the employer’s option of hiring people aged from 25 to 64 in an attempt to get maximum potentiality and experience from the country’s manpower. In the same manner, it has been recently noticed that the recruitment of Hispanic/Latino employees has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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