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Positive effects for expressing respects for others ideas at workplace - Essay Example

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Effects for expressing Respects for others’ Ideas at workplace: Asocial Intelligence Approach Name Institution Introduction The world has been under persistent transformation. Indeed, such transformations have been felt across most sectors, regardless of whether social, economic or political…
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Positive effects for expressing respects for others ideas at workplace
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Download file to see previous pages In the long run, most organizations such as the business oriented ones have looked forward to adjustments that enable them to keep abreast and meet expectations. Organizations are currently going extra miles to look to various techniques that are suited to functioning effectively. It is for this reason that current organizations are giving considerations to social intelligence. It has now been accepted beyond reproach that human behaviors can have far reaching impacts on the effectiveness of Organizations. One of the aspects of human behavior is respect for other people and their ideas in the workplace. Respect has been defined as giving considerations to oneself and to others. Respect entails giving consideration to the privacy of other people, their viewpoints, and personality and physical abilities. It is often the order that respecting other people begins with the acceptance that they deserve to be respected by others. However, many at times, the concept of respect at the workplace has been misunderstood or even manipulated for different purposes. This paper is aimed at reconstructing the definition of respect, as well as pointing out its pivotal elements and position to workplace environments. The topic is related to foundational leadership in the sense that it is an element that characterizes the behaviors of the organization. This topic is related to social intelligence in the sense it addresses an element (respect) that people need inter-relate in harmony. Social intelligence is understood as the ability of a person to get along with other well, in terms of human relationship (Kihlstrom & Cantor, 2007). In this regard, respecting the ideas of other people at the workplace can be considered as one of the dimensions of the social intelligence. Results There is a set of four social intelligence principles that could be utilized in approaching the subject of respect at the workplace. The first principle is humanization. The humanization social intelligence principle rules that it is crucial to recognize the humanity of other people. Such a form of understanding is considered to be undisputable in theoretical sense, yet is has often been overlooked in the daily practices. Perceiving other people as those with equal capabilities, anxieties, hopes and aspirations is considered as one of the crucial conditions for ensuring that respect is accorded in the workplaces. Another principle is that of unique perspective. This acknowledges the autonomy of every person; that every person has a unique perspective regarding the events that surround them. Such a perspective is a derivative of the personal experiences with the environment, including nature and nurture. The third principle is that the unconscious brains dominate the human mind. Human beings often guided by prior experiences and the frame of the things they expect are a subject of the prior experiences. This means that some of human behaviors are executed unconsciously. The fourth principle is socialization. Socialization is often perceived as the process where human behaviors are learned (Walumbwa & Christensen, 2012). People who are limited in terms of the skills of socialization often find it difficult to get along with other people. Lack of respect to other people’s ideas in the workplace arises because of limited exercising these principles. In this regard, it is imperative that when assessing the subject of whether workplace is characterized by respect, one should seek to know whether other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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