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Through the synthetics of a number of articles, it has been established that there are a number of leadership styles that a leader may use or function with at any point in time (Hussey and Hussey, 1997). Though leadership style may change from one point to another, it is…
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Submit a brief profile of the organization and the leader For your Final Research Paper
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BRIEF PROFILE OF THE ORGANIZATION AND THE LEADER Overview of Leadership Style in Place Through the synthetics of a number of articles, it has been established that there are a number of leadership styles that a leader may use or function with at any point in time (Hussey and Hussey, 1997). Though leadership style may change from one point to another, it is generally possible to label a particular leader with a specific leadership style when that leader displays that leadership style most often. To this end, it could be said that the present is one who embodies the autocratic style of leadership. This leadership style has indeed existed for a good number of years since I started working in the organization. Autocratic leadership style generally provides for “managers to make decisions alone without the input of others” (Johnson, 2012). It has been argued that on the surface, no leadership style may be generally judged as effective or ineffective unless the situation to which it was applied has been tested (Saunders et al, 2003). To this end, a number critical ways in which the autocratic leadership style has been applied in the given organization are enumerated below with a conclusion on how effective or ineffective this leadership style has become in the organization.
Application of Leadership Style
Largely, the autocratic leadership style is exhibited in character and with qualities which include the fact that major decisions on the day to day running of the organization are taken at the management level alone. In most cases, workers and employees take specific instructions as to how each day of the week is going to proceed in terms of activities and working roles. Issues of reshuffling at portfolios, recruitment and promotions are also done at the management level without the input of other subordinate workers and employees. Because this leadership style is commonly perceived by followers as rigid and undemocratic to the growth of their knowledge and skill (Gray-Toft, and Anderson, 2008), they often wish to meet it with stiff opposition. However, the leader has adapted a rigid approach whereby it is almost impossible to contact the management with one’s suggestions for change. The leader has also adapted a system of motivation that considers only people who adhere to instructions for rewards and promotions. This has been a motivational tool that the leader employs to ensure that his orders are adhered to.
Effectiveness of Leadership Style
To a very large extent, it can be concluded that even though the leadership style used by the leader has often succeeded in getting the motives and directions of the leader established at the work place, it has often been met with lack of willingness by the employees and workers to implement them. There has also been a serious issue of lack of cooperation on the part of employees. In a typical example, mention can be made of a recent organizational change system where there needed to be recruitment and place, and promotions. Through an autocratic system, the leader got into vacant positions, people who had some kind of personal relations or friendship with the leader. The same was applied in the case of the promotions. The resulting effect was that not everyone on the staff was willing to cooperate with the newly recruited and those who were promoted because the others felt that they had been treated unfairly. Organizational conflicts have therefore been the order of the day in most cases at the organization. All of this not withstanding, the autocratic leadership style has generally been applied effectively in high risk decisions such as decisions and mergers, and to this, the leadership deserve some commendations.
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