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Memory from the past ,Going somewhere you have not been before - Essay Example

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My love for summer holidays is always immeasurable. I try every holiday to have a gratifying moment and this one was not going to be an exception. Now that, the Olympics 2012 were to be held in London, it was going to be my main business for the…
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Memory from the past ,Going somewhere you have not been before
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Extract of sample "Memory from the past ,Going somewhere you have not been before"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, I knew I had to part with some little package of money for my mum and other family members; not that they would ask for it but because the Nigerian culture accepts and embraces such acts. I had booked a flight a fortnight earlier, and the procedure was not going to be long. I therefore, hired a taxi to the airport hoping to travel the same night. To my expectation, the flight authorities never disappointed me. We left the airport in a span of an hour. Within another few hours, we were at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. We walked home happily with my mum who had been waiting at the airport.
The life at home was full of fantasy. I enjoyed my favorite traditional dishes that I had missed so much. In addition, I met most of my friends that I had studied with in the local primary school. Each day was the same as the other, full of happiness, laughter and domestic chores. However, I was only to spend two weeks there in order to catch up with Paralympics, my favorite game in the Olympics. I therefore, travelled back to London.
I had never attended any Olympics ceremony before so you can imagine how appealing it was going to be to me. However, I developed an interest in the leading international sports event in the year 2004 when it was held in Athens, Greece. Now here was the London Olympics 2012. I was going to watch nothing else but Paralympics. My favorite participant has always been the Briton, David Weir, and I was going to witness his victory.
The 33- year old, known to many as the "Weirwolf of London", must have trained himself to gallop so well. He ended up winning four gold medals in the wheelchair marathon. I watched the 5000 meters race, which was his last race in the participation. He dominated the better part of the race battling it out with Switzerland’s Marcel Hug. It was unbelievable how he easily won the race, clinching the gold medal. Weir when being interviewed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Memory from the past ,Going Somewhere You Have Not Been before Essay)
Memory from the past ,Going Somewhere You Have Not Been before Essay.
“Memory from the past ,Going Somewhere You Have Not Been before Essay”, n.d.
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