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This is because, without the three, ethical and professional caring cannot be achieved. Reports have in the current past, dominated both the professional…
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Any to pic
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The Role of Nursing in Todays Healthcare Environment The Role of Nursing in Todays Healthcare Environment Introduction For a healthy work environment to be established, nurses need to demonstrate such traits as respect, compassion, and dignity. This is because, without the three, ethical and professional caring cannot be achieved. Reports have in the current past, dominated both the professional and national press on the poor performance in social and health care. Further still, news has centered on the disturbing harm and avoidable cruelty suffered sick individuals as well as the stress experienced by families in search for answers for their sick relatives (Reid, 2012).
The cases of failure among health care institutions that have been publicized, though a minority, their overwhelming blow cannot be condoned. These failures have been associated with inadequate compassion, inadequate respect, and lack of dignity. The media has gone further to highlight the consequences of such shortcomings. The most adverse effect is that such failure results to death of many individuals, who would, otherwise have been saved. The interest of some health care organizations has masked the avoidable harm that patients experience across various parts of the world (Reid, 2012). It is essential to note that for a positive movement to be made, the most essential task is shifting the mindset of all health care professionals at all levels. For instance, it is essential that normalizing the nonstandard should be stopped as well as acceptance of the unacceptable.
Moreover, there should be a collective as well as individual practice and promotion of professional cores and values that increase the safety of patients and property ownership. Nevertheless, improvements should be made in surgeries, with increases in effectiveness and commitment among the professionals. Health care professionals touch people’s lives at times of primary human need, when compassion and care are what they need most. It is, therefore, significantly essential that individuals, boards, and teams explore what compassion, dignity, respect, and care signify and their manner of demonstration (Reid, 2012). Building united mental representations of care requires nurses to express professional values and describe their expectations.
As much as there has been reported failures and poor performance in health care institutions, it is, however, essential that their efforts be recognized. It is arguable that with the absence of nurse leaders to engage others in work, a health environment is unachievable. Professionals have argued that it is only qualified nurses who can determine whether designed and planned initiatives for improving the performance of a healthcare institution are successful. Nurses, therefore, play a critical role in the improvement of health care environments. Leaders can create a satisfying health care culture by the engagement of all staff in the improvement of professional values at work. This should entail a shift from the traditional command-control style to a leadership style of enhancing morale, performance, and motivation for all workers (Reid, 2012).
Failure to provide cultures of appointment can demoralize staff, resulting to poor performance. It may, worse still, result to staff deciding to quit an organization. Such positive measures should be employed not only for the present performance of nurses, but also for the future. Growing future successful nurses is a long-term expedition that calls for immense preparation and action. It is essential to guarantee that the nurses the competencies and skills needed for a successful performance. This is because the maintenance of healthy working conditions responsive to the shifting healthcare environment shall be under their control.
Reid, J. (2012). Respect, compassion, and dignity: the foundations of ethical and professional caring. Journal of Perioperative Practice, Vol 22 (7), pp. 216-219. Read More
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Any to Pic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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