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Role of Nurse Executives: Is virtual/online educational programs adequately preparing graduates for this role - Research Paper Example

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Role of Nurse Executives Insert Customer Name Insert Course Name Insert Tutor Name 5 November 2012 Role of Nurse Executives: Is Virtual/Online Educational Programs Adequately Preparing Graduates for this Role? Introduction Many healthcare organizations in the United States of America prefer their leaders or managers in nursing to have degrees in Nursing and Business (MSN and MBA degrees)…
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Role of Nurse Executives: Is virtual/online educational programs adequately preparing graduates for this role
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Download file to see previous pages Nurse executives, in their leadership role, hold fascinating obligations in advocating for health necessities of susceptible populations. Simultaneously, they represent and govern nurses responsible for designing and delivering patient care (Balke, 2006, p. 105). The relevance of this topic relates to the balance of caregiver obligations by nurse executives while carrying out their leadership duties fundamental to the organizational culture of healthcare delivery systems. This research study seeks to explore the relevance of nurses having degrees in business in order for them to be successful in a nursing management role in today’s nursing profession. This study also seeks to explore the adequacy of virtual or online educational programs in preparing graduates as nurse executives. Background The process of identifying and assessing the success of nurse executives have proven difficult and challenging for nurse executive practitioners, educators, researchers, policy makers, their constituents and theory developers. The development of the interrelationship model of leadership, backgrounds, and outcomes of nurse executives used the concept of jumping ideas together towards limiting the uncertainty surrounding nurse executives’ success. The model provides a unique link between existing evidence. The model also identifies continuous and reliant interrelationship among three content areas; nurse executives, organizational and patient outcomes, and professional practice of nurses and work situations. The development of the interrelationship model focused at defining measurement of nurse executives’ success, operational zing influences of nurse executives, and providing a framework that would articulate workforce, patient, and improvement efforts of organizational outcomes. Finally, the American Organization of Nurse Executives called together a group of nurse executives who would address the functions, roles, and competencies required for this substantial and emerging title role in healthcare (Sherman and Pross, 2009). Discussion According to a research by Schmalenberg and Kramer (2009, pp. 61-64) which addressed the aspect of support by nurse executives to other staff nurses in relation to the perception of the latter. Their objective was to establish supportive role behaviors of nurse executives meaningful to all. Their study employed the use of several interviews on staff nurses from different hospitals. From their research, they found out that staff nurses would not particularly be interested on the leader or managerial behavior of nurse executives. They established that the role behavior of nurse executives fostered sound and autonomous decision-making process through the application of evidence based practice. In addition, role behaviors of nurse executives perceived as supportive by staff nurses could also be affected by how healthcare organizations define nurse executive’s roles. Role behaviors would often be supportive in relation to other work events and process. They recommended the need for more information in determining supportive role behaviors of nurse executives and definition of an acceptable meaning for nurse executive support. In addition, Schmalenberg and Kramer proposed the inclusion of both leader and manager behaviors, with more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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