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What does Science Say Article Summary : Nutrition and Performance - Essay Example

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However, recent evidence provide mixed results as to the direct relationship between specific intake of proteins and carbohydrates. The…
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What does Science Say Article Summary : Nutrition and Performance
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Extract of sample "What does Science Say Article Summary : Nutrition and Performance"

Article Summary: Protein Nutrition and Endurance Exercise: What Does Science Say? Certainly, there is overwhelming evidence supporting a strong relationship between nutrition and body performance especially in athletes. However, recent evidence provide mixed results as to the direct relationship between specific intake of proteins and carbohydrates. The summarized article sourced from Gatorade Sports Science Institute Online Library discusses the correlation between protein intake and body performance in relation to muscle recovery.
Carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage (CEB) is believed to boost body performance during heavy performance when given in a specified formula. According to scientists, the CEB works by delivering two main ingredients, carbohydrate (CHO) and sodium. While carbohydrate supplies energy, sodium assists in maintaining electrolyte balance. Claims have been made that an approximate 2% protein in a CEB boosts endurance during performance. However, these findings have been questioned since the tests were not carried out in the real aspect of athlete performance. For instance, taking a substance to mimic dehydration and fatigue could have different impact on different athletes hence compromising the findings.
More interestingly is the findings that consumption of specific amino acids actually boosted body performance during exercise. For instance, branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) provided no tangible benefits to performance. However, such findings are also questionable since manipulation of body condition may not have reached athlete performance conditions.
However, research on effect of protein intake in recovery phase and acute muscle adaptations seemed to yield acceptable and more and realistic results. According to the research carried out, consuming protein with CHO came in handy in promoting muscle repair and recovery after heavy exercise. This could have been attributed to a more specified effect of amino acids especially BCAA on signaling pathways that control muscle protein synthesis. However, questions have been raised over the issue of glycogen resynthesis after consumption of protein-CHO mixture. Fact that is more acceptable is that higher intake of CHO at higher frequencies compromises the benefits of such intake. Arguably, taking protein with CHO on glycogen may supply more energy rather than produce an effect of muscle recovery.
Following the controversy over the specific boost to endurance in body performance during heavy exercise is the intake of protein with CHO. It is argued that intake of ingesting a CHO-protein mixture during recovery phase may boost endurance not because of specific input of proteins but rather due to increased intake of energy supplied by CHO. Nevertheless, many research findings yielded the same results of improved endurance on intake of protein-CHO based drinks. One notable fact about many of these findings is that more elucidative findings need to be carried out especially when it comes to making accurate conclusion on the specific nutritive content responsible for improved performance or endurance.
Presently, there is little evidence to prove that consuming protein with CHO has any meaningful improvement on subsequent athlete exercise. The only acceptable and promising research findings are the one supporting the positive contribution of protein intake on muscle recovery after exercise. Therefore, in the endeavor to improve athlete recovery especially for heavy sporting activities, it is advised that a protein with CHO can be of great use. Conclusively, approximately 10 to 20 grams of protein with CHO after strenuous exercise promotes muscle protein synthesis compared to CHO. More importantly, such an intake may go a long way in improving performance especially in long-term training.
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Gibala, Martin. Protein Nutrition and Endurance Exercise: What Does Science Say? Ph.D., Department of Kinesiology, McMaster University. Read More
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