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HIV/AIDS at Community Medical Center - Case Study Example

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First thing first, as the president of the medical center I have the immediate responsibility to respond to the 24 hours deadline given by the news editor. This might sound strange but given the consequences if I do not respond din a responsible meaningful and positive manner,…
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HIV/AIDS at Community Medical Center
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Download file to see previous pages The overall picture of the case might suggest that this is an unusual case that organizations refer to as contingencies. And in such circumstances, it is not wise to rely on willful choice m model, however the whole case is not one single problem, it is a huge problem that can best be tackled by dividing it into chunks. The part where the president has to communicate with the angry surgeons, a willful choice model will be very effective.
The problem gets increased manifolds when either sides of the problem don’t see eye to eye. Willful choice model will work while dealing with the surgeons. The decision will be based on qualitative method because statistically speaking, the argument in favor of the HIV positive nurse will simply be outnumbered; quantitative will not be much effective. One way to deal with the surgeons will be to create sympathy in them for the sick nurse. HIV doesn’t spread by breathing air in the same room. It requires blood or other bodily fluid transfer from one person to another which is highly unlikely in the CMC.
The reasons willful choice decision-making model is used involve rational, intentional and willful choice. An organization would opt for willful choice model when the guiding principle for decision making involves; unambiguous knowledge about alternatives, reasonable knowledge of consequences, rational and consistent priority system for alternative ordering and there exist certain decision rules to choose an alternative (March & Baylon, 1986), which in this case is to convince the surgeons to choose the alternative.
To deal with the HIV positive nurse, reality based garbage can model is much suitable. A reality based garbage can model is used when there is a temporal context governing the decision making scenario and chaos is accepted as reality (March & Baylon, 1986), which in this case is the chaos created by the two parties. The best thing would be to ask the HIV patient what is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HIV/AIDS at Community Medical Center Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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