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Hubble Showcase - Term Paper Example

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They are called NGC 265 and NGC 290 and they are two sets of stars. They are worth showing on the Hubble showcase because they are 200,000 light years…
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Hubble Showcase
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Extract of sample "Hubble Showcase"

Hubble showcase Magellanic Gemstones Hubble’s space telescope has managed to capture open starclusters, two of them in a magellanic cloud in the sky in the south. They are called NGC 265 and NGC 290 and they are two sets of stars. They are worth showing on the Hubble showcase because they are 200,000 light years away from earth and they are brilliant shining stars like gems that appear crystal clear in Hubble’s advanced camera. They are also caught in a cloud these stars which makes them all the more fascinating. It is fascinating that these star clusters were formed after they repeatedly interacted with the Milky Way. These stars are also held together loosely and are young stars that will gradually disperse with years.
Spiral galaxy
The spiral galaxy is a swirl of dust and gas particles as well as stars and is as vast as twice our galaxy which is the Milky Way. It is also called M101 and it is thought to have one trillion stars which is worthy of being put in Hubble’s gallery. 100 billion of the stars could be as fiery as the Sun and also as old as the sun. The outer arms of the galaxy have star forming nebulae and there a hydrogen particles as well that form clouds. New stars that are hot in temperate also branch out from these arms. It is such a thin galaxy that Hubble’s telescope can spot galaxies beyond that it as well which is equally fascinating. It is also termed Pinwheel galaxy due to its shape and it rests in the northern part of the constellation which is called Ursa Major also nicknamed The Great Bear, which itself is a many million light years away from the Earth. The distance from the worth, its shape and the number so stars it contains and the more in depth view into the world beyond are worth putting in a gallery.
Helix Nebula
Nebulas are so far away from earth and even to the astronomer’s eye that they become fascinating subjects to study. Their structure is hard to gauge as well as their full form. The Helix Nebula looks like a colorful donut type image. It seems to be the gaseous evolution of something from a star that looks like a sun and it’s difficult to interpret. Some find it to have a mysterious coil like a snake shape. Latest research shows that even though it’s difficult to interpret it looks like there are two disks made of gas that are perpendicular and that is what forms its shape. It is called the NGC 7293.
Supernova Shockwave
The supernova shockwave also called SN 1987A is the consequence of a stellar explosion which was the brightest the world had seen seventeen years ago. For months it blazed with the intensity of 100,000,000 suns and now even though it has been ages, there is a light that shines which is fainter but still bright. There are bright lit rings of gas that gives the appearance of pearls that are produced by the shock wave and they hit the ring and get absorbed. The inner region of the ring also heats up and its shape is fascinating. The inner region seems to possess a star that makes it even more beautiful. Or the star is just in the inner ring that surrounds the supernova. These are just the after effects of the shockwave. It was a titanic supernova and even though everything in the sky is bright and fascinating and everything glows like the stars, but the shape of this shockwave in the sky is like a pearl necklace which is curious and interesting to know about and if it had the intensity of the sun and after years it still emits that much light, it just makes you realize the enormity of this world and its beings other than humans. (Google 2012)
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Hubble Showcase Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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