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Play Del Carmen - Assignment Example

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Under the VALS 2 model, the innovator profile is an individual with high resources with very refined consumption preferences for…
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Play Del Carmen
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Extract of sample "Play Del Carmen"

HERE YOUR HERE HERE HERE Playa del Carmen and the Ce s There are psychographic characteristics related to lifestyle and resource availability that provides the motivation to explore Mexican cenotes. Under the VALS 2 model, the innovator profile is an individual with high resources with very refined consumption preferences for upscale products and services. This psychographic profile uses consumption as an expression of their independence and personality, with a strong favor for variety. This profile typically has very high self-esteem. These beliefs are shown by the narrator in the Playa del Carmen posting, as diving and exploring the Cenotes reflects this style and classiness as an activity that requires high resource availability, shown in the activities occurring during the trip and the expensive hotels reserved for the group. Descriptive language such as brilliant and breathtaking by the narrator reflect this style common in this psychographic profile. It is not surprising that lifestyle and creativity in vacation selection played a part in the decision-making to explore the Cenotes, a vacation package well-suited for someone with enough self-esteem and confidence to explore.
Those who fit the market profile of experiencers are those who are usually younger and rebellious, who maintain personality features that demand for thrill-seeking, are usually impulsive in decisions for consumption, and usually spend a great deal of their income on entertainment. This segment appreciates having cool stuff and enjoys taking risks. The photograph of this consumer on the posting website clearly shows a younger individual. There are many references to thrill-seeking activities which could have aided the decision to choose this particular type of vacation travel, with much appreciation for the diversity and risk factors that are part of the tours. That statements provided by the narrator such as “I was like a 4 year old at Christmas” and “he rocked!” shows the type of thinking of the experiencer profile. It would seem that largely for the thrill of adventure, this location was chosen as a destination.
More evidence of a personality type that fits the experiencer is the impulse in decision-making that occurred during the trip. The group cancelled developed scheduled plans with an assigned diver guide in order to experience more enjoyable times with Cristobal, changing the entire scope of the day. The youths also fell asleep on more than once occasion, suggesting that the vacation was meant to be one that could be impulsive and free which all members of the group seemed to enjoy. Motivations for this type of thrill-seeking vacation would be spur-of-the-moment thinking and exploration to fit personality profiles and positive motivations in lifestyle.
This particular consumer would be highly valuable to a travel organization looking for high resource travelers that are willing to pay premium prices for the experiences of adventure and impulsive vacation plans. Playa del Carmen showed not only an opportunity to satisfy psychological needs for adventure and excitement, but it was unique in terms of being original that breaks away from the social standard. These motivations genuinely seem to describe this particular kind of traveler. Read More
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(Play Del Carmen Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Play Del Carmen Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Play Del Carmen Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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