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EM670 Week 1 Conf - Assignment Example

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A closer look at the various job descriptions revealed that the jobs needed the holders of the jobs to have similar as well as varying traits, skills and knowledge. There seems to be some common traits for all the jobs. All the job descriptions required the person to have…
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EM670 Week 1 Conf
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Public Work: Job Public Work: Job A closer look at the various job s revealed that the jobs needed the holders of the jobs to have similar as well as varying traits, skills and knowledge. There seems to be some common traits for all the jobs. All the job descriptions required the person to have personal management skills. This is probably because most of these jobs are at a higher level where the person will need to be self-managed and not work under high supervision. The job descriptions also had a common need for the aspiring holder to be a natural leader who is able to lead others comfortably. Again, this is because the positions are at a point where the holder will have to provide leadership to other people who are below them.
The other common trait among the jobs was the coordination skills of the holder. This shows that the positions will require the holder to have good coordination skills to be able to carry out the functions of the office that the holder is managing. Together with this trait, the jobs also required that the aspiring candidate be able to have very good independent decision making skills that will make it possible for the person to make sound and strategic decisions alone, without having to consult all the time. This trait and that of coordination skills seemed to complement each other in that they both have to be there for each to benefit the job holder. According to Jacobson (2001), it is important to match traits and skill because having the right trait may not automatically mean that the person will manage the job.
The skills required for the jobs were also common in that they all revolved around the management of human resource. However, for the different counties, job descriptions differed in terms of the level at which the candidates skills in personnel management were. For instance, some of the job descriptions in other places required that the aspiring job holder will have to have skills at the executive level while others required the skill to be at the management and operational level such as recruitment.
The other common trait between the job descriptions is development of policies and procedures. The job descriptions all seemed to have this skill as a central requirement for the candidates who will hold the position. This means that all EM jobs may need a person who not only has the ability to conceptualize ideas and policies, but whose knowledge of federal law and regulations are very high (James, 2006). This is because policy development is very much dependent on this knowledge of federal laws and requirements, as the policies and regulations that the offices held in these positions will have to comply with federal laws and regulations (Wilberforce, 2009). As a result, it is no surprise that all the job descriptions for these posts also required the holders to have enough knowledge on federal and county, as well as city laws. The other knowledge requirement that was common among the jobs descriptions was the knowledge of all phases of the emergency management cycle, as specified in the announcement and other medical services and general administrative knowledge. All the job descriptions required that the holder be able to handle difficult situations by being a good leader, good listener and a person with a light sense of humor. This is no surprising because the job that the holder will be handling will require critical levels of ability to handle crisis situations.
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EM670 Week 1 Conf Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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