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Review Restaurant - Research Paper Example

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People go to restaurants for a variety of reasons, to relax in a soothing and pleasant ambience and décor, to savor the delicacies affiliating to culinary perfection, to escape the everyday…
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Review Restaurant
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Olive Garden Restaurant- A Review of the Creative Writing of the Concerned September 10, Olive Garden Restaurant- A Review
Restaurants are to the denizens of 21st century what public baths were to the Greeks. People go to restaurants for a variety of reasons, to relax in a soothing and pleasant ambience and décor, to savor the delicacies affiliating to culinary perfection, to escape the everyday flavors of home cooked food and to cherish the experience of being served and pampered by the restaurant staff (Lileks, 2002). Desiring some of these delights and benefits, I decided to try the local Olive Garden restaurant
I must say that the overall ambience and décor at the restaurant was pleasing and impressive. I visited the Olive Garden Restaurant in the mid afternoon when it is less crowded, so that I could definitely secure a place there. The place was styled in a typically Tuscan farmhouse fashion, which radiated a spirit of being welcomed. The lighting was adjusted to a comfort mode, highlighting the décor, without taxing the eyes. I must say the seating arrangement was contrived, keeping in mind the comfort and privacy of the people visiting the place. Overall, the atmosphere there was imbued with a sense of comfort and hospitality.
The meal at the restaurant was served in a typical Italian manner, starting with a first course and followed by a second course usually comprising of some soup or pasta, sumptuously marked by an entrée, comprising of side dishes and dessert. I must say that the food had its good and bad points. Overall the cuisine there was rich in carbohydrates, and fats, to the accompaniment of little protein and too few greens. The lasagna they served was delicious with the tomato sauce carrying just the right blend of sweetness. I found the pasta a little plain and drab. A bit of cheese and some mild sauce would have certainly accentuated its flavor. The chicken breast that was well pounded and fried in butter, dressed with an aptly flavored tomato sauce was a real delight. Though, by the time I was done with it, I could have evaded the dessert, but considering its yummy, sticky and sweet look, I could not help savoring it.
Certainly, a visit to a restaurant could leave much to be desired, if the staff there does not evince just the right attitude and spirit (Daily Post, 2005). On that context, the waiters at Olive Garden managed to wrench a perfect score from me. The waiters were neatly dressed in black and white, to the accompaniment of gold hued aprons. Their attitude effused with pride and courtesy and a desire to serve the guests. The made it a point to keep my glass filled with water till the end. I was simply impressed by their courtesy and service.
To put it simply, Olive Garden has definitely managed to secure the right ambiance and décor. The waiters are very professional in their dressing sense and carriage, evincing a profuse sense of courtesy and service. The food is good, but it would be more pragmatic if it is customized a bit as per the American taste.
Jobs: How to be a Waiter. (2005, October 24). Daily Post, p. B6.
Lileks, James. (2002, March-April). Notes from the Olive Garden. The American
Spectator, 35(2), 31-32. Read More
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Review Restaurant Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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