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Low and High incidence disabilites and gifts and talents - Essay Example

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This website is informative. From this website I learned the classification of high incident disability, it includes: specific learning disability (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder…
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Low and High incidence disabilites and gifts and talents
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Extract of sample "Low and High incidence disabilites and gifts and talents"

Lisa McCutchen Assignment EDU 130: Fall Low and High incidence disabilities and gifts and talents http
This first website provides detailed information of high incident disabilities. This website is informative. From this website I learned the classification of high incident disability, it includes: specific learning disability (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mental retardation (MR), autism, Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), speech and language impairments and emotional or behavioral disturbance. A layman can understand and know what high incidence disability is by reading this website. Therefore this website could be used for professional purpose (Overview).
This second website is also informative and gives brief information regarding behavioral and emotional disorder. This website was through Council for Exceptional Children. From this website I learned that substantial behavioral deficits or excesses are shown by those pupils with emotional and behavioral disturbances. Both terms relate to the behavioral patterns that substantially depart from others expectations. Recently, "behavioral disorders" has acquired prefer over "emotional disturbance" for labeling more exactly which further results in more determined decision making as well as fewer negative intensions. This website is also informative and can be used for professional information regarding emotional and behavioral disturbances (Behavior Disorders/Emotional Disturbances).
This third website provides detail knowledge about low incident disabilities. From this website I understand that for providing free and proper education to pupils with disabilities, classification of learners in incident terms would be useful. Within this type of system, those pupils with most common disability might be more suitably helped by regional schools; however, pupils with comparatively uncommon disabilities might not find extremely qualified personnel or enough resources. As for providing good information about high incident disabilities, this website can be used for professional purpose (What are low-incidence disabilities?).
Fourth website is interesting and was through a2z educational advocates. From this website I learned that multiple Low-incidence disabilities are there, which are given below
complex health effects
low vision
multiple disability
serious physical impairment
substantial developmental delay
Generally, at any particular period all of the disabilities that are included in Low-incidence disabilities don’t exceed 1percent in population that is school-age. Every pupil with low-incidence disabilities feel commonness: thus such pupils are hard to help in recent regional school programs. This website is informative and therefore used as for professional purpose (Watts, 2010).
This last website provides knowledge about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and gift and talent. This website generally explains the way of living of gifted and talent children with ADHD and how they should be treated. From this website I learned that almost all individuals with ADHD have few extra gift or talent. However, such gifts or talent aren’t ever let to flourish. All the family members should know about special strength of such talented or gifted children. Parents, who know how to manage the anger and training of their children properly, only find the unique gifts that are possessed by such children. This website is also an informative one for every person and can be therefore used for professional purpose (Gifted Children with ADHD, 2011).
Behavior Disorders/Emotional Disturbances. (n.d.). ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education. Retrieved from <> What are low-incidence disabilities? (n.d.) National Center on Accessible Instructional Material. Retrieved from <> Overview. (n.d.). Pearson Education. Retrieved from .
Gifted Children with ADHD. (2011). At Health, Inc. Retrieved from Watts, C.D. (2010). Fast Fact Friday: Low Incidence Disability. A2Z Educational Advocates Blog. Retrieved from <>Read More
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Low and High Incidence Disabilites and Gifts and Talents Essay.
“Low and High Incidence Disabilites and Gifts and Talents Essay”, n.d.
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