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Stem cell research is one of the areas in psychology which has faced a lot of criticism throughout the world. Most of its critics…
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Persuasive Paper Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals
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Disadvantages of Stem Cell Research Although it is believed that stem cell research will result in a breakthrough in treatment of human diseases, it is faced with very many limitations. Stem cell research is one of the areas in psychology which has faced a lot of criticism throughout the world. Most of its critics base their argument on economic and social issues. Stem cell research is advancement in technology and the results that it produces are beneficial to society, but the price for its use and research is too high for humanity.
According to Sorensen and Mikkel (2008), one of the major disadvantages of stem cell research is that it is inconclusive. Experiments done in the University of California showed that transplanted adult cells do not replace tissues that are damaged but usually fuse with the damaged cells. The research did not prove that the adult stem cell did not work, but it argued whether they really worked, hence an inconclusive research.
Another disadvantage of stem cell research is that it is too expensive yet no results in terms of improvement of healthcare have been achieved. Kahn (2011) argues that millions of dollars are being used in embryonic stem cell research which has added no value to the health care system up to date. Instead of wasting a lot of money on inconclusive researches more money should be put in other researches such as the fight against HIV/AIDS.
According to Gruen and Grabel and Singer (2008), another disadvantage faced by stem cell research is that there are ethical issues surrounding it. The killing of embryos is considered immoral by most religious groups. For example, among Christians, killing an embryo is viewed as taking away life, despite the fact that an embryo cannot survive outside the womb. Christians believe that life begins after conception.
Adult stem cell research is limited to quantity since there are very little amounts of stem cells in adults. This makes it hard to isolate the cells. This is a disadvantage because, in order for stem cell replacement therapy to work, huge numbers of stem cells are required. Abortion laws are another setback faced by stem cell research. Many countries do not allow abortion, unless under special circumstances like when the mother’s life is in danger. Since embryonic stem cell research requires killing an embryo, it is perceived as abortion hence not allowed in many countries.
I agree that cell stem research may be the key to treating some chronic diseases but its implications are too much. Humans have become guinea pigs, and their life is not valued. There are lines which should not be crossed to distinguish us from animals. No matter the results stem cell research might produce, the price is too high. Not only is the price high in terms of money, but it also high in terms of humanism.
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