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With the help of the previous paper, it is crystal clear that the problem being described is that of a juvenile being prosecuted in an adult court and being given sentences or penalty suitable to an adult. Not only this, but some very comprehensive repercussions of committing…
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Download file to see previous pages s that the policy and rules regarding treating a young offender as an adult should be revived and, besides some public defender offices have launched and started a few novel programs too, likewise the advantages that are woven with this agenda are not only economical or equitable, but ethical/ moral and environmental.
Initiating with the solution, the Bureau of Justice Assistance has posted suggestions for the designing and implementation of these new programs. All these various programs are driven to conceal the children who have, intentionally or unintentionally, committed felony from facing the prosecution in an adult court. This however, does not at all means that the young offender will be rescued from their act, but to deal with it in a way a juvenile should be dealt with, rather than imposing them on an intimidating and a daunting environment of an adult court. In addition to tis, the chief thing among all this execution of programs is that children be assist by the multidisciplinary personnel of which the attorney is one associate, and that the corresponding personnel will speak on behalf of the child from the beginning to the end (Allard & Young et al. 2002).
Nonetheless, establishing programs to produce representative of the child is not enough; instead the history of the child and his life and circumstances surrounding him at the time of crime should be extensively analyzed. If and when the examination of the violation and the juvenile will be done, information that can help solves the case easily without taking it to the adult court (Allard & Young et al 2002). For instance, a fifteen year old had been sexually as well as physically abused in the house by his step-father and later during the time of act by the step-father and in order to save himself, the child kills him. Here, taking the child to be prosecuted in an adult court without examining his history and the circumstance during the time of killing can have a very adverse effect on the child, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Persuasive Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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