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Art and Visual Perception: Google Chrome Logo - Term Paper Example

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For this paper “Art and Visual Perception: Google Chrome Logo” the author took the Google Chrome logo, the current identifying symbol of a current company. It must have been a logo, not a logotype, the symbol must be recognized independent of the logotype, and must have been geometrically-based…
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Art and Visual Perception: Google Chrome Logo
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Download file to see previous pages In the current chapter we will make a ‘trough statement using element’ and ‘laws of visual perception’ (i.e. Gestalt Theory) relating to the logo/symbol of the Google Chrome; additionally, the aforesaid statement can be aided by using visual ‘to show aspects of at least 5 of the 10 Arnheim’s elements which are dominated in this logo.’ Similarly, we will use the terms of Arnheim’s theory and concepts of visual perception; we will describe as many aspects of the individual elements of visual perception as possible, along with two of the laws of Visual Organization (in relation to the logo). Then, no to be immersed nor into ‘symbolism’ of the second part of the term paper no into a ‘company career’ of the logo, let us count the most evident traits within it, as they are presented steadily in the additional page: ‘the circle,’ ‘power of center,’ ‘eyeball,’ ‘rotate movement,’ ‘number three’ (divided three), and active/pure colors like red, yellow, blue, green, and white.   From the other perspective, let us get involved in Arnheim’s conception in order to combine these findings at the end of the chapter for synthesis. Accordingly, there are some items or visual categories in his ‘visual organization’ of all images, they are: ‘balance’ (‘symmetry,’ ‘asymmetry,’ ‘tension,’ ‘direction,’ ‘power of center,’ ‘counterbalance’); ‘shape’ (‘law of simplicity,’ ‘leveling and sharpening,’ ‘law of proximity,’ ‘boundaries and edge’); ‘form’ (‘versus shape,’ ‘law of constancy,’ ‘flat/2D,’ ‘ways of show shape,’ ‘law of closure,’ ‘abstraction’); ‘growth’ (‘developmental stage,’ ‘motor activity,’ ‘the circle,’ ‘law of differentiation’); ‘space’ (‘3 dimensionally figure/ground,’ ‘convergence/divergence,’ ‘obliqueness,’ ‘law of continuity,’ ‘gradients’); ‘light’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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