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Exploratory topic - i need a topic to get approval from the teacher this Sunday - Essay Example

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These products are so popular that some people in developing countries are selling their kidneys to buy its latest models. I find myself interested on what makes…
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Exploratory topic - i need a topic to get approval from the teacher this Sunday
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Extract of sample "Exploratory topic - i need a topic to get approval from the teacher this Sunday"

Download file to see previous pages I do not want to malign the vast contributions of Apple to technology, but I want to take a step back and think about the negative effects of Apple on society. Apple has its dark side, which cannot and must not be overlooked.
I wanted to learn more of how Apple managed to divide a potential one kind of product into several products. Apple consumers buy iPods, iPads, Macs, iPhones, and other Apple products, but do they truly need all these products? It seems that Apple has divided one product into several items, so that it can make more money in the long run. After all, its customers tend to think that they need an iPad too, even when their laptops suffice already. They buy more and more products, which in the end, increase garbage in society. I did some research on Apple’s wastes but cannot get specific details. I just focused on e-waste in general at first. I used the journal database to find answers and read the article “Mobile Phone Collection, Reuse and Recycling in the UK.” Ongondo and Williams describe how the short life cycle of high-tech products results to the vast bloom of e-waste production (1308). From this article, I learned that every year, new models of cellular phones and computing devices drive older models to obsolescence, thereby creating additional waves of e-waste. I wanted to learn more so I researched on what environmentalists have to say about Apple. I was surprised to know that they think that Apple is great polluter too. In “Apple Slammed by Greenpeace,” Deffree reports that environmentalist organization Greenpeace criticizes Apple for not responding to its recommendations with regards to removing hazardous chemicals in its products and employing progressive recycling policies (Deffree). I wanted more information, and I found another article that shares the same opinion. In the online article “Apple is creating an E-Waste Problem,” Biggs criticizes the 30-pin iPod port that was launched on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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