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Importance of Teams - Essay Example

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Teamwork is an essential part of the health care organizations. In most of the health care organizations, the availability of the resources is quite low, therefore, it becomes the duty of the hired employees to train the new comers, and yet the on job training is common in this field…
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Importance of Teams
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Extract of sample "Importance of Teams"

Download file to see previous pages Teamwork is of prime importance not only for the health care organizations but also for other organizations. Many other industries’ work is dependant on the teamwork otherwise, it is impossible to accomplish the task assigned to them.
Aviation system is one of those industries that cannot exist without the well-managed teamwork. It is a matter of life and death. The majority of the aircraft accidents are due to improper communication and weaker teamwork among the aviation staff. This industry especially trains the hired staff. Crew Resource management (CRM) is one of those efforts to increase the performance level of the teamwork.
Another industry that needs teamwork as an essential part is sports and particularly auto racing. In any sports activity, every player has to understand the importance of teamwork to get success against the competitor. As far as auto racing is concerned, the coordinators need to provide the important information to the racer abruptly so he can win the game. Only proper communication and teamwork makes it possible for the racer to play smoothly.
• Patient Satisfaction
Like any other industry, the basic motive is to satisfy the one who comes in the health care centers by providing sufficient health care and medications. The precise diagnosis, cleanliness, correct medical reports and proper curable medications is compulsory.
• Communication & Public Awareness
The health care centers must give public awareness to promote their social work and proper communication can lead them to get competitive advantage.
• Organizational Process support Problem Solving

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