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Management theories and methods in Construction Projects - Essay Example

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The various concepts and theories of human resource management which can be utilized for solving this issue are explained in the following paragraphs.
A leader is a person…
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Management theories and methods in Construction Projects
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Extract of sample "Management theories and methods in Construction Projects"

Download file to see previous pages The leader has to lead the team and train them at the same time. A true leader is supposed to find out the root causes of issues and solve them in a way which is thoroughly acceptable to various individuals involved (Nicholas, 1990).
In the current scenario, the sub-contractor team is not working properly because of the lack of motivation in them. It is the job of the leader to identify this issue and devise a strategy to motivate the team and boost their morale. Leaders must have high degree of emotional intelligence for identifying the hidden aspects of the issues and for finding out solutions to them. Understanding the mindset of employees and workers is very important because it aids the management in catering for the employees. the needs theory clearly explains how a leader can take control of a scenario and achieve the maximum output. In the current scenario, the mindset of the subcontractor team should be analyzed thoroughly for identifying the problem (Goleman, 1998). Maslows theory of motivation provides the leaders with an easier way of attending to the employees.
Since the sub-contractor has gained other contracts with the organization as well, he might have achieved his personal targets already and that is why he is not interested in ensuring quality work. The style theory asserts that managers have different styles of leadership and their employees often respond to each theory differently. The leader in this case first identified the issue, after that there is a simple talk with the sub-contractor in order to help improve on efficiency. As the construction site manager, my responsibility is to convince the sub-contractor about the benefits of working efficiently (Linstead, Fulop & Lilley, 2004). A true leader should be able to convince the employees, workers and sub-ordinates that individual and personal targets can only be achieved if the project is successful. The delays and inefficiency of one team is detrimental for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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