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Global strategies - Case Study Example

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One of the factors is that the two companies were doing well even prior to their merger thus they were able to pool their strengths. Merging the expertise of their employees, finances as well as…
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Global strategies
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Download file to see previous pages Christopher Carson had adequate marketing knowledge and helped in enactment of policies that led to the success of the company. Another factor that contributed to the success is possession of outstanding technology for production, which resulted in processing of high quality wine brands, which became widely recognized (Bartlett Web).
There were a number of reasons that led to the tension between Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson. One of the major sources of conflict was the underlying difference in opinion regarding the marketing strategies particularly on labeling as well as branding. While Davis was experienced in aspects regarding marketing Carson had ample knowledge on the market conditions and tended to disagree with Davis opinions on the appropriate branding. The main difference was on branding regarded Stamps and Nottage Hill brands. Carson wanted the brands to be re-launched in UK while Davis wanted them to focus more on improving local market and not on branding and was against repositioning of the brands. Additionally, Carson argued that labeling was a crucial factor in the UK market and Davis was against this opinion. Carson was also quite officious and felt his opinions were superior. Another source of tension was the poor communication between the two, which made them appear to be in some sort of fight for the power (Bartlett Web).
Davis and Carson have never handled their differences in an appropriate and complete manner. They still have communication issues and rarely agree on many issues. On the issue of Kelly’s revenge, Davis has never agreed with Carson’s idea and still believes that that the best option is to Launch Banrock Station in UK. Generally, each of the two feels like their opinion is the appropriate one and that the other does not respect it. This is attributable to underlying animosity regarding leadership ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Strategies Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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