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This property investment has been prepared for a famous Asian high tech company which is interested in investing the London office or commercial property for using and letting. The company is expecting growth in the value and different development opportunities in the long term…
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Report of investing in London office market
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Download file to see previous pages fully analyse different elements influencing the market before investing in it in order to make sure that the investment is profitable in long run (Ball, Lizieri, and MacGregor, 1998). For this purpose, the economic, political, institutional, social, legal, and many other factors are explored and investigated to understand and comprehend the future implications for the London office market. Apart from this the supply and demand and other important elements like property planning and pipeline projects with reference to the different regions and breakup of the overall London office market have been explored and analysed in order to get better understanding of the overall market and industry.
London is considered as major financial hub not only of UK where major business giants are operating their businesses. It is considered as one of the command sector of the global economy. This feature of London makes it more appealing city for foreign investors.
London economy can be best measured through Gross value added (GVA) which demonstrates the contribution of not only individual industries or sectors but also the individual producers present and working in the boundaries of London. The GVA also measured the income generated from employment by production of goods and services.
The latest data of Gross value added produced by ONS in December 2011, London contributed 21% of the whole UK and per head which is around £35,026 (more than £15,000 than UK average) in 2010 (The Guardian, 2012).
According to the research conducted by the city group, London is likely to have more GDP than any other city in the world from by 2025 due to its exceptional growing financial service. Currently it is the one of the tenth largest GDP contributor in the world in term of US dollar.
A recent research conducting for London offices shows that almost 60% of the commercial property investment in central London was made by foreign investors from 27 countries in 2011 which is considered as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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