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Needs Assesment - Essay Example

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The researcher analyzed the business of the company by exploring each business function. The researcher personally interviewed 6 employees of company, as well as 5 customers to know…
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Needs Assesment
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher also gave a proper action plan using which the company can get the problems solved.
NexGen IT Services Company provides different types of IT services to the people living in and around New York. Some of the main business areas of the company include software development, network management, database development and management, and IT consultation. The company develops different kinds of software applications and makes them available in market for customers. The company also developed software products based on customers’ requirements. Along with software development, the company also develops database applications based on new technologies. Network management is another specialty of NexGen IT Services Company. Moreover, the company also provides IT related consultation to its customers.
The current situation of the company is not up to the standards as the company is loosing its grip over its market share, as well as position it had achieved in the market based on te quality if its products and services. The two main reasons behind this situation are:
“Employee turnover is the process of replacing one worker with another for any reason” (Beam, n.d.). High employee turnover means that the company is not able to retain its employees. It is a fact that experienced employees yield higher levels of productivity as compared to employees who join a company as fresh employees. The reasons behind high employee turnover ratio are usually improper employee recruitment and lack of a proper incentive plan.
When I inquired the managers of NexGen, I came to know that they had started hiring less experienced employees in order to cut down the cost of retaining experienced employees. They also took this step as the result of resignations from their key employees. However, this strategy of the company is proving unsuccessful because new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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