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Title MGT114 Final Project Date Your name Introduction Sprint Communications, established in 1991, provides technological solutions to its customers, mostly businesses (both large and small) (Sprint). The clientele manage their own core businesses, while Sprint Communications assists them in the technological arena…
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Sprint Communication
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Download file to see previous pages The merger of Sprint and Centel in 1993 gave the company an edge by providing wireless communication packages across long distances (Sprint). Company Founder and Vision The company was founded by Cleyson Brown in 1991 (Sprint). The company is centered on four main principles: integrity, honesty, creativity and commitment. The company’s mission is to create sustainable partnerships with customers on a long term basis, based on trust and collaboration. There are four central tenets of its mission. Firstly, to provide high quality, out of the box solutions for customers to provide them with cutting edge technology (Sprint). Secondly, it provides strong communications platforms to enable customers to deal with day to day networking issues (Sprint). Thirdly, it is responsible for accounting for managers who are loyal to the business and who truly understand the needs of the businesses and align their personal needs with those of the business (Sprint). Fourth, providing highly responsive and interaction based service on a localized basis which is capable of being trusted and guaranteed to give ultimate peace of mind to the customer (Sprint). Empowerment The company has gone at lengths to ensure empowerment of not only its employees, but the community in general. It has a plan under the banner of “inclusion and diversity” which addresses the issue of corporate citizenship and allows minorities and ethnic groups an equal share in the operations of the company (Sprint). The company proudly declares itself as a learning organization and offers merit based advancement of its employees with extensive training programs to ensure their personal as well as professional growth. Under this strategy the company has created “employee resource groups” that comprise of self-directed work teams where constructive discussion and contribution is encouraged. These teams are also continuously benefitting from the advice of their seniors (the executive champions) who provide mentoring and counseling as well. In its efforts to provide Equal Opportunity, the company was recognized by the Hispanics Magazine as among the top 100 companies to work for (Black Enterprise). It further received the “Empowerment” award by Urban League of Kansas City (Sprint). Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility As far as ethical behavior is concerned, the company has a stringent “Sprint Code of Conduct” that needs to be followed by all managers, employees and stakeholders of Sprint (Sprint). The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to ensure good practice, and foster a character consistent with the company’s mission of which integrity and honesty are the founding pillars. The Code of Conduct allows the company to take ethical decisions and enhances the goodwill of the company in the market. As far as corporate social responsibility (CSR) is concerned, Sprint offers “wireless recycling” and use of renewable energy in its communications along with grants in education (Sprint). In pursuance of its recognition of CSR, Sprint announced its plan for producing environmentally friendly devices in 2007 with the popular Sprint Green Logo (Sprint). The company plans to address CSR at all levels: the customer, employees, community, operations and product offerings. For instance, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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