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Freshmen year student retention in STEM major at university using Quality tools - Thesis Example

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This chapter illustrates the locality of the research, sample design and procedures, the various instruments that were used to carry out the study in an effective manner. It also brings out the group that I concentrated on and methods and techniques I used in collecting data and…
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Freshmen year student retention in STEM major at university using Quality tools
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Extract of sample "Freshmen year student retention in STEM major at university using Quality tools"

Download file to see previous pages This method was preferred because it provided a link between the theoretical perspectives and research purpose and the data collected was to give findings to research.
The target population was the students and members of staffs of City University of New York, New York. They were to be divided into different categories depending on their level in the college as shown in the table below.
The researcher used stratified random sampling which involved taking the population frame and dividing it into different strata. The strata consisted of units of homogeneous nature. Each stratum was marked so as to differentiate it from others and avoid cases of overlap.
This data is collected first time whether directly or indirectly in character and shape of raw materials. This was a major instrument in data collection as the questionnaires were to be short and open ended as deemed necessary by the researcher. The questionnaires were to be physically presented or administered to the sample population in the institution. The respondents were required to give a brief explanation on their opinions. Those students and staffs who needed assistance in filling in the questionnaire were to be assisted by the researcher.
The research first and foremost sought to get authority from the management of the university for the collection of the data, and with the authority granted, I made an appointment with the college registrar for the analysis of the available records such as students’ records, hostels location, class timetables etc. The research also sought to get data from different sources like publications by private individuals, different journals and periodicals.
Data collected through the various methods was to be complied, analyzed and the data presented in terms of percentage. Data presentation should be in tables, pie charts and bar graphs. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used.
Qualitative method refers to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Freshmen Year Student Retention in STEM Major at University Using Thesis.
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