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Decision Making using Critical Thinking Techniques Part 3 - Essay Example

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Foremost among these are the company resources. Whatever decision the company opts to implement, their resources will form a major part of the…
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Decision Making using Critical Thinking Techniques Part 3
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Extract of sample "Decision Making using Critical Thinking Techniques Part 3"

Download file to see previous pages In the establishment of a store, an even greater amount will be needed to execute the plan. Another company resource that will affect the implementation of the decisions chosen is the human resources. People are needed to put into action the health program for coffee farmers. People need to be hired to handle the operations of new stores.
Aside from the company resources, another factor which will affect the decision implementation are the laws and regulations of Kava. Initiating a health program for coffee farmers might require some permits from the government. Furthermore, it would be better if the program is done in coordination with government agencies. In the case of the putting of new branches in Kava, the company will have to get business permits and the other requirements needed to do business in Kava.
The geographical, economic, cultural and political aspects have some influence too in the strategy implementation. Being disaster prone, the health program envisioned by the company will be affected by diseases that are brought about by calamities. The company should then be prepared for this. The decision to put a store is also affected by the geography of Kava. They should know which parts of Kava are typhoon belts and earthquake prone areas.
The diverse culture of Kava plays an important role in the decision implementation. It is possible that some coffee farmers still stick to traditional tribal healing practices; thus, may not welcome the idea of having health assistance from Western medicine. The culture will also determine the product offerings of the store.
The economic and political situation of Kava will influence the strategies to be implemented in relation to the decisions to develop a health program and to increase the company’s branches. The economy will dictate the purchasing power of the Kava people. The peace and order situation will also affect the amount of investment which the company will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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