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Using the SBAR Communication Technique - Research Paper Example

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Using the SBAR communication Technique
The acronym SBAR stands for the crucial steps in the communication exchange. It seeks to present clear identification of the Situation, its Background and the speaker’s Assessment and Recommendations…
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Using the SBAR Communication Technique
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Download file to see previous pages Though the solution may not be right, the fact that the situation is clearly defined can be of considerable assistance to those who will respond (Boaro, Fancott, Baker, Velji & Andreoli, 2010). It also seeks to establish optimal patient-safety guidelines that may be grouped into two broad categories. First, they may include factors that have to do with the interrelationships of status, profession and long-standing cultural traditions of mutual tension. The other factors have to do with human capabilities and limitations in the face of a challenge, its duration, demand level, and the intensity where continual precise attention, rapid analysis and decision-making are required. These objectives work towards addressing realistically broad sources of risk to safety and invitation to error which are inherent in human enterprises (Leonard, Graham & Bonacum, 2004). By looking at the situation, the speaker or the one reporting the on goings should understand what is happening with the patient and how the patient is responding to the current medication. It provides an opening sentiment that helps to identify the patient's problem and location in the case of a nurse calling the physician to assess the situation. The background part looks at the previous conditions, any outstanding information that the patient has been medicated for and any other piece of information that may be of help in the treatment or diagnosis (Boaro, Fancott, Baker, Velji & Andreoli, 2010). The aspect of assessment deals with what the nurse believes to be the problem and how the patient is currently responding to the medication. It also provides a chance to rule out some of the probable conditions based on the symptoms...
These scenarios depict interactions between physicians and nurses where either of the professionals has seemingly blown a situation out of proportion. For better implementation, it is always beneficial for the management to incorporate successfully any intricate interdisciplinary tensions that may be compromised during the implementation process. This will avoid having any representative from both sides defending their members in case they are depicted as poor communicators. It allows both representatives to view the situation as a teaching tool rather than the unfair depiction of a discipline. In addition to using this model in high-risk situations, several other areas may successfully utilize this in their communication. For instance, the senior leadership may use all kinds of reports. Therefore, increased use of this technique in an institution may inculcate it into the member’s response criteria. It also avoids the use of team decision-making processes since the required information may vary from one patient to the other. Thus, using SBAR helps to predict effectively the structure of communication between members and reduce errors through factual communication.
The synergy of this model is experienced mostly when the leadership elaborates the rules to be followed and how each query will be handled. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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